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About the User Experience Interest Group

The User Experience Interest Group (UXIG) was a group of Residents (and occasionally Lindens) interested in the Second Life user experience, including topics such as the SL viewer's user interface, issues faced by new Residents, accessibility for users with disabilities, and general user satisfaction, among others. UXIG was formed on October 30, 2008 after the Resident Experience Lindens announced that their weekly office hours would be reduced to once per month (and later cancelled them altogether). UXIG continued those weekly meetings in an unofficial, Resident-organized capacity. UXIG was discontinued on April 29, 2010 and is no longer meeting. Transcripts of past meetings are still available.

Many UXIG members discuss user experience issues on the SL-UX mailing list. Several Lindens from the Resident Experience team also participate on that list and can answer questions about SL user experience.

Please direct questions and comments about UXIG to the SL-UX mailing list.