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Transcripts from the weekly User Experience Interest Group meetings, in reverse chronological order:




  • December 18 - Avatar scanners; Animation overrides; Other miscellaneous topics
  • December 11 - Inventory, filters, managing attachments; Refining and presenting UXIG ideas to Lindens, use of the wiki
  • December 04 - Open topic, rehash of previous meetings, chaos.
  • November 27 - Building, tools, permissions.
  • November 20 - Accessibility for the visually impaired; plus many other topics.
  • November 13 - HUDs, client-side visual interfaces to scripts, etc.
  • November 06 - HUDs; LL's announced partnership with Big Spaceship

See Resident Experience Team Office Hours Transcripts for transcripts of older meetings, prior to the establishment of the User Experience Interest Group.