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Tip of the Week

Just about every week, Torley shares a video tip to make your Second Life better! From improving performance to building things to hidden secrets, you'll learn something valuable.

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Find out... how to customize collision sounds! how to report abuse how to make a neon sign


Short on time? Quicktips deliver your knowledge in 2 minutes or less, guaranteed.

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Like these:

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Learn... about Avatar Rendering Cost! about different "For Sale" options! how to take a snapshot!


What is it? How to buy & sell? How is it managed? What about shaping the ground? How to eject troublemakers and set your parcel to deter them?! Oh my gosh... have you ever wanted to know what all those options in About Land do? Here are your answers and more, in almost 2 hours of FREE vidtuts!

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# Title - click to watch! High-Quality
01 Basics DOWNLOAD
02 Land use introduction DOWNLOAD
03 Region & parcel prim limits DOWNLOAD
04 Selling parcels DOWNLOAD
05 Buying parcels (as a Premium account) DOWNLOAD
06 Buying parcels (as a Basic account) DOWNLOAD
07 About Land options DOWNLOAD
08 Parcel access controls DOWNLOAD
09 Property Lines & Land Owners DOWNLOAD
10 Joining & subdividing parcels DOWNLOAD
11 Terraforming DOWNLOAD
12 Where is my Premium account's free land? DOWNLOAD


Learn how to setup, customize, and use the power of your voice to communicate!

# Title - click to watch! High-Quality
01 Getting started DOWNLOAD
02 Etiquette DOWNLOAD
03 Who's speaking? DOWNLOAD
04 Improving your hearing DOWNLOAD
05 Private calls DOWNLOAD
06 Speech gestures DOWNLOAD
07 Disabling it for yourself & on land DOWNLOAD


How to play movies & webpages on your land, and special interactive features too!

# Title - click to watch! High-Quality
01 Play webpages, movies, & more DOWNLOAD
02 Make your own media screen DOWNLOAD
03 Click actions DOWNLOAD
04 Play parcel music DOWNLOAD


As of Second Life 1.20, this 3D mouse has optimized compatibility with the inworld experience, including Flycam. Torley presents a special mixed-reality demo just minutes after opening the box!

# Title - click to watch! High-Quality
01 Getting started DOWNLOAD
02 Avatar, Flycam, & Build modes DOWNLOAD
03 Advanced customization DOWNLOAD
04 Summary, buttons, & more tips DOWNLOAD


These are older vidtuts, so some references may be noticeably out-of-date, but most of the fundamentals are still relevant today.

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Discover... how to make a wavy flag! why filling in your profile matters! the limitations of Second Life's Undo!