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Tip of the Week

Just about every week, Torley shares a video tip to make your Second Life better! From improving performance to building things to hidden secrets, you'll learn something valuable.

Newer tips are towards the top, and you can sort by clicking the icons in column headers.

# Title - click to watch! High-Quality What's it about?
40 Make seamless textures with Wood Workshop DOWNLOAD external tool, build
39 Record voice chat and sounds DOWNLOAD audio, external tool, social
38 What is a group liability? DOWNLOAD group, land, web
37 Who are Lindens? DOWNLOAD social, explore, web
36 Let friends & groups edit your objects DOWNLOAD social, group, build
35 Play YouTube videos in Second Life DOWNLOAD video, external tool, build
34 Learn building at the Ivory Tower of Primitives DOWNLOAD build, explore
33 Play parcel music DOWNLOAD audio, external tool, land
32 Sculpted prims made simple
Text versions
DOWNLOAD build, external tool
31 Creating & uploading animations DOWNLOAD avatar, external tool
30 Graphics Preferences Guide
Text versions
DOWNLOAD performance, control
29 Using the Second Life Wiki DOWNLOAD web, tech
28 Particle editing magic! DOWNLOAD script, build
27 Making transparent textures DOWNLOAD build, external tool
26 Advanced attachment adjustment DOWNLOAD avatar, shop, build
25 All about the Mini-Map DOWNLOAD control, explore
24 Navigating in small spaces DOWNLOAD control
23 Using SLURLs for easy travel DOWNLOAD control, explore, web
22 Editing and uploading sounds DOWNLOAD audio, external tool
21 Sound sliders explained DOWNLOAD audio, control
20 QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker DOWNLOAD web, tech
19 Text chat macros DOWNLOAD avatar, social, control
18 How to report a bug DOWNLOAD web, tech, external tool
17 How to run multiple viewers at the same time! DOWNLOAD tech, workaround
16 How to make a gift box… happy holidays! DOWNLOAD build, social
15 How to get texture info DOWNLOAD build, control, tech
14 How to set multiple permissions easier DOWNLOAD build, control
13 How to show your stuff in our new Search DOWNLOAD search, explore, control
12 How to easily boost viewer performance DOWNLOAD performance, control
11 Welcome to WindLight! DOWNLOAD performance, control
10 How to use the new Search DOWNLOAD search, explore, control
09 How to create and join a group DOWNLOAD group
08 How to deal with some common annoyances DOWNLOAD workaround
07 A deeper taste of the pie menu DOWNLOAD control
06 More inventory management tips DOWNLOAD inventory
05 3 useful "Show" options in the Tools menu DOWNLOAD build, control
04 How to use beacons and highlights DOWNLOAD control, abuse
03 A yummy mix of user interface tricks DOWNLOAD control
02 How to move your camera further and better DOWNLOAD control, avatar
01 How to turn off the typing animation and sound DOWNLOAD workaround, control, avatar