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By: Rabidd Alter
Viewer Version: 2.0.1 (203797)
Information: Blue-Sky-2.0.1 (203797)
Source: "Blue-Sky" skin download
"Blue-Sky" skin for giving Viewer 2 an overall blue theme

Emblem-important.png Important!

Use caution when installing these skins, as modifications to your installed software files are not officially supported by Second Life support


This skin was thought up to give SL Viewer 2 a brighter look for anyone that doesn't want the gray (or dark) look.
I have added a number of previously published viewer tweaks - produced by various residents and changed the overall color theme. A URL for these tweeks is also provided in the BlueSky-SL-SkinChanges.txt file included with the skin files. This skin is an attempt at giving others a little more option which could promote the use of viewer 2. I know for me a lack of options is a contributing factor for which viewer I use.
To download the Blue-Sky skin click on the link in the box on the right.

Major Changes to the Standard Skin

  • Sidebar now sliding over view of the world
  • Draw Distance slider
  • Extended Chat Bar and Chat History
  • Moved IM tabs from bottom to left side
  • "About Land" Button added to Navigation Bar
  • "Build" option added to the right-click on object menu
  • "Inspection" selection added to menu right click
  • "Grid Status" and "XStreet" options added to menu
  • "Map", "Mini-Map" and "Inventory" Buttons added to bottom bar
  • An overall blue themed look

Known Bugs and Issues

  • Only working fully with English language version of the interface
  • Will not work with previous versions older then 2.0.1 (203797)