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By: Rabidd Alter
Viewer Version: 2.0.1 (203797)
Information: Purple-Passion-2.0.1 (203797)
"Purple-Passion" skin for giving Viewer 2 an overall purple theme

Emblem-important.png Important!

Use caution when installing these skins, as modifications to your installed software files are not officially supported by Second Life support


This re-skin was for my wife. She wanted me to give SL Viewer 2 a purple look and didn't want the gray (or dark) look.
I have added a number of previously published viewer tweaks - produced by various residents and changed the overall color theme. A URL for these tweeks is also provided in

the Purple-Passion-SL-SkinChanges.txt file included with the skin files. This skin is an attempt at giving others a little more option which could promote the use of viewer 2. I know for me a

lack of options is a contributing factor for which viewer I use.
To download the Purple-Passion skin click on the link in the box on the right.

Major Changes to the Standard Skin

  • Sidebar now sliding over view of the world
  • Draw Distance slider
  • Extended Chat Bar and Chat History
  • Moved IM tabs from bottom to left side
  • "About Land" Button added to Navigation Bar
  • "Build" option added to the right-click on object menu
  • "Inspection" selection added to menu right click
  • "Grid Status" and "XStreet" options added to menu
  • "Map", "Mini-Map" and "Inventory" Buttons added to bottom bar
  • An overall purple themed look

Known Bugs and Issues

  • Only working fully with English language version of the interface
  • Will not work with previous versions older then 2.0.1 (203797)