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Sets various technical aspects of your Second Life experience.

Other Devices

  Opens the Joystick Configuration window so you can configure an additional input device such as a SpaceNavigator.

  • Mouse sensitivity - If you have to repeatedly drag your mouse in mouselook, drag this slider to the right so you can move your mouse further with less effort.
  • Invert - Select the Invert checkbox to move the mouse down in mouselook to shift your view upwards, and move the mouse up to shift your view downwards, useful in some types of mouselook-driven vehicles like realistic planes. Moving your mouse left and right is unchanged.

  • Maximum bandwidth - Sets the maximum rate that the Viewer can download contnet (default is 500 kbps). Lower this value if you encounter a lot of packet loss and server-side lag. This is a maximum value; experiment to find the best value for your setup.
  • Custom port and Port number - Select the Custom port checkbox if you need to use a specific TCP/IP Port number to access Second Life, such as if you're behind a firewall. Otherwise, you don't need to change this.
  • Cache size - Second Life uses a cache to speed retrieval of recently-downloaded inworld assets. For example, when you log in to a location the second time, the Viewer uses your cache and doesn't have to re-download all the content. A larger cache may be advantageous on a very fast hard drive; the default of 512 MB is OK for most people. Unrelated to Clear History in the Privacy tab.
  • Browse - Click this to see and change the cache location.
  • Reset - Reverts the cache location to its default place.

  How you want to view web content:
  • Use my browser (IE, Firefox, Safari) - Default to using your preferred external web browser, useful if you need to bookmark a page externally or view content which isn't accessible within Second Life.
  • Use built-in browser - Default to the Viewer's integrated browser. Note the built-in browser window has a button to launch your external browser.
  • Web proxy - Select the Web proxy checkbox if you need to set a web proxy to access Second Life.