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Type   This dropdown allows you to override the media you would like to play on your land. Use this option if the Media Type is set incorrectly, or set to No Content. The text to the right of this dropdown displays the media's MIME type.
Home Page   Address of the media you would like to show on your parcel. For example, is the URL for Second Life's Knowledge Base. Set the Media URL by pressing the Set button and entering the new URL into the Set Media URL window.
Description   Enter a description of your Media URL.
Replace Texture   Click the thumbnail to change the media texture for your parcel. Opens the Texture Picker.
Auto Scale   Check to scale the content for this parcel automatically. It may be slightly slower and lower in visual quality, but no other texture scaling or alignment is required.
Size   Allows you to define the size (height and width) of the displayed media, in pixels.
Options   Play media in a loop. When the media has finished playing, it will automatically start again from the beginning. This option is only available for video media types.