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Manage objects on your parcel of land.

Region Object Bonus Factor   Set by the estate owner or a manager in Region/Estate - Region. See object bonus.
Primitive usage   The number of prims in use on a region out of the total number of prims available to you from all of your parcels within the same region. (The remaining number of prims available.) A region's total available primitives depends on its region type.
Prims parcel supports   The number of prims supported by an individual parcel.
Prims on parcel   The number of prims in use on an individual parcel.
  • Owned by parcel owner - Prims on parcel in use by the parcel owner.
  • Set to group - Prims on parcel set to a group.
  • Selected/sat upon - Prims on parcel that are selected or sat upon by an avatar.
Auto return other Residents' objects (minutes, 0 for off)   Objects other than those owned by the parcel owner or set to the same group as the land parcel will be automatically returned when this number is changed from 0. Set the number of minutes you want to allow others to rez objects on your parcel before they're returned.
Object Owners   A list of objects owned by others sortable by Name, Count, and Most Recent (the date of the newest object rezzed by that Resident).

2010-03-11 - Weird "Ty" column header in ABOUT LAND - OBJECTS tab - EXT-5337

  Updates the list of objects owned by others.
Return Objects   Returns all objects belonging to the selected owner from the Object Owners list. You're asked to confirm. Be careful when using this. There's no undo.