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Every place you visit in Second Life is on virtual land.

Why should you own land? Whether it's creating a cozy home, a stylish store, a bustling nightclub, or just using land as a canvas for artistic self-expression, there are many possibilities. Think of it this way: the web has domains like you can reliably access. In the same way, every piece of Second Life land has a special address you can share with others by way of landmarks and SLurls so they can come visit via teleport. That way, whether you're inviting a new-found friend over or increasing your sales, you have reliability and peace of mind.

If you're a first-time landowner, consider Linden Homes, land that comes with a prebuilt house you can customize and decorate as you wish. Linden Homes provide an introduction to land ownership and residential community living in the Second Life virtual world.

Land has many concepts, but in the following articles are basics to get you started quickly.

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