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There are exceptions to the following, so consult specific situations, but here are some key points:

  • Buying happens on the mainland.
    • You need to have a Premium account for your land holdings (tier).
    • No intermediary Resident is involved.
    • Terraforming is limited to +/- four meters and outside of a few other exceptions (like Linden Homes, there's no zoning code, meaning neighbors can build whatever they want as long as it doesn't violate the Community Standards.
  • Land rental is available from private region owners.
    • You can have a Basic account.
    • You're paying L$ to a Resident; the Buy Land window still says "buy" but requires you to agree to a covenant, the estate owner's terms of use. This means they have the right to reclaim your land and eject you at their discretion.
    • Obviously, just like in real life, there's no problem if the landlord-tenant relationship is friendly, but there could be a higher risk of conflict.
    • Terraforming may be more or less flexible; certain estates are themed and enforce zoning codes, promoting a more cohesive appearance. For example, Arabian desert or futuristic metropolis.

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