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Land can either be located on:

  • Mainland - Linden Lab-administrated and made of non-contiguous continents.
  • Estate - Most estates are private estates owned by Residents.

How can you tell?

  1. Choose World > Place Profile > About Land.
  2. In About Land - General, look where it says Type and Owner. Mainland is always owned by Governor Linden.

From smallest to biggest land parcels, some important terms are:

  • Parcel
    • Divided part of a region owned by a Resident or a group.
    • A parcel can be as small as 16 m2 or as big as the entire region.
    • Every mainland parcel owner has a Premium or Concierge account (if you own half of a mainland region or more), but you you can buy (lease) parcels with a Basic account on private estates.
    • Settings are controlled in About Land.
  • Region
    • A square on the map, either a private estate or the mainland.
    • 65,536 m2 (256 x 256 m2) of virtual land running on a simulator.
    • Regions are part of an Estate.
    • Settings are controlled in Region/Estate.
  • Estate
    • One or more regions owned by and billed to a Resident, called the estate owner, and optionally managed by up to ten estate managers.
    • Every estate owner has a Concierge account.
    • Estate managers have almost all the powers of the estate owner.
    • An estate's regions don't have to be contiguous.
    • Settings are controlled in Region/Estate, specifically the Estate tab.
  • Second Life world - grid
    • Doesn't have a single owner, but is overall run by Linden Lab.
    • News appears on Grid Status Reports.


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