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Shows information for a selected group. You can edit group information if you belong to a group role with assigned abilities.

Group Texture   View a group's logo or click to change your group texture. Opens the Pick Texture window.
Founder:   The Resident who started the group. This never changes, even if the founder leaves the group.
Free or L$   Indicates whether there's an enrollment fee to join this group.
JOIN NOW!   Click to join this group. Only shown for groups with open enrollment.

Group information and settings are divided into four sections. Click and to toggle each section.


Member   List of members in the selected group. Click Member to sort the list alphabetically or in reverse.
Title   Titles for group members. A title (also known as a tag) can appear over your avatar name. Click Title to sort the list alphabetically or in reverse.
My Title   Select the title to wear over your avatar name for this group. You have one title per group role to which you belong.
Receive group notices   Enabled if you have the per-role ability to receive notices in this group. Uncheck this if you'd rather not be notified.
Show in my profile   Check this if you want this group to show in your Profile for other Residents to see.
Anyone can join   Indicates whether a group is open for any Resident to join. Check to make your group open to all.
Cost to join   Check this and enter a fee next to L$ if you want to charge others to join the group.
Maturity   Sets the group's maturity rating.
Show in Search   Lets people see this group in Search results.