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The default web browser built into the Second Life Viewer. Use it to open clickable links from text communication or set URLs on editable land parcels.

Back   Navigates to the previously visited URL.
Forward   Navigates to the next URL you visited. Only works if you have already pressed Back.
Reload   Reloads the current URL.
Address bar   Shows the current URL. You can type a new URL here or click the down arrow to view a list of previously visited URLs.
Go   Navigates the browser to the URL specified in the Address bar.
Send Current Page to Parcel   Sets the current land parcel's media URL to the Media Browser's currently displayed URL. Only works if you have permission to edit the current parcel's media URL.
Open in My Web Browser   Opens the current URL in your operating system's default web browser.
Always open in my web browser   Forces all future URLs to open in your operating system's default web browser. You may change this setting under Me > Preferences >> Setup tab.
Close   Closes the Media Browser.