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Sets various technical aspects of your Second Life experience.

Other Devices

  Opens the Joystick Configuration window so you can configure an additional input device such as a SpaceNavigator.

  • Mouse sensitivity - If you have to repeatedly drag your mouse in mouselook, drag this slider to the right so you can move your mouse further with less effort.
  • Invert - Check this to move the mouse down in mouselook to shift your view upwards, and move the mouse up to shift your view downwards, useful in some types of mouselook-driven vehicles like realistic planes. Moving your mouse left and right is unchanged.

  • Maximum bandwidth - Sets the maximum rate that the Viewer can download contnet (default is 500 kbps). Lower this value if you encounter a lot of packet loss and server-side lag. This is a maximum value; experiment to find the best value for your setup.
  • Custom port and Port number - Check Custom port if you need to use a specific TCP/IP Port number to access Second Life, such as if you're behind a firewall. Otherwise, you don't need to change this.
  • Cache size - Second Life uses a cache to speed retrieval of recently-downloaded inworld assets. For example, when you log in to a location the second time, the Viewer uses your cache and doesn't have to re-download all the content. A larger cache may be advantageous on a very fast hard drive; the default of 512 MB is OK for most people. Unrelated to Clear History in the Privacy tab.
  • Browse - Click this to see and change the cache location.
  • Reset - Reverts the cache location to its default place.

  How you want to view web content:
  • Use built-in browser - Default to the Viewer's integrated browser. Note the built-in browser window has a button to launch your external browser.
  • Use my browser (IE, Firefox) - Default to using your preferred external web browser, useful if you need to bookmark a page externally or view content which isn't accessible within Second Life.
  • Web proxy - Check this if you need to set a web proxy to access Second Life. DISABLED AT THE MOMENT.