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Shows Residents and objects you've blocked.

  Block Resident by name opens Choose Resident, which allows you to specify a person to block. This is useful for muting troublemakers who you find unpleasant, and can be used in addition to filing an abuse report. Among other interactions, a blocked Resident can't:
  • Communicate with you via text and voice chat.
  • Communicate with you via objects they own; blocking extends to objects, too.
  • Send you inventory items.
  • Show you particles and sounds emitted from their avatar's attachments and inworld objects.
  • Exchange friendships with you.
  • Be seen normally if you have if you have Avatar Impostors enabled in the Preferences' Graphics tab. The blocked person appears as a generic gray form, which also speeds up performance because you don't have to render their full avatar.

Block object by name Opens Block Object By Name. Blocking this way only blocks object text, not sounds. Useful if a particular object is repeatedly text-spamming you. If you'd rather block all objects owned by a certain Resident, including sounds, use Block person instead.

  Click a person or object in the Blocked List, then click to remove it from the list.