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My private notes

  Only seen by you. Use this to keep track of your experiences with this Resident. You can enter birthdays and other important dates, favors you owe each other, and so on.

The following are only changeable for Residents on your Friends list:

Allow this person to

  • See my online status - Lets the other person see when you're online. If they have the When my friends log out or in notifications enabled in the Preferences' Privacy tab, they're alerted when you enter or exit Second Life. Note that even if this is unchecked, there are still scripted ways to detect online presence; this is simply the easiest way to tell. This is on by default.
  • See me on the map - Lets the other person track your location in Second Life on the World Map, which means they can also teleport to you without having to ask. This is off by default.
  • Edit, delete or take my objects - Be very careful, checking this box gives this Resident the power to build with you since they can modify your objects, but it should only be given to people you trust; otherwise, they can ruin your inworld creations. This is off by default.