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Shows the names of all other Residents in the voice session and their along with voice chat status. At the top of the window, your own profile icon, name, and voice status are shown. Below, the same information is shown for each Resident.

Voice On Voice On

Voice Off Voice Off

  Animates green or red when a Resident is actively speaking in voice chat, and turns gray when they're not using voice chat or have voice disabled.

Hover your mouse cursor over another Resident's name and click the icon to view their profile or the icon to see an Inspector for that Resident. An Inspector provides additional information and controls for a Resident, including voice volume controls.

Voice Morphing

Voice Morphs alter the sound of your natural voice during voice chat.

Click Voice Morphing Off to display a list of available voice morphs, then click a morph to activate it.

You may preview all the offered voice morphs by choosing Preview Voice Morphing. If you find a morph you like, subscribe to a morph pack by choosing Get Voice Morphing.