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Vollee services have been offline for the past 6 months or more(current date is december 2009), and the vollee.com web site has been down in this period also.


Vollee is a technology company which streams PC applications to mobile handsets. By hosting unmodified PC applications on servers, adapting them for mobile handsets and then streaming them over 3G networks, Vollee allows users to access PC applications and MMOs and rich virtual worlds such as Second Life.

The company’s VolleeX engine adapts Second Life for screen size and key layout, and then streams the the Second Life application to mobile devices. Vollee's interactive video streaming platform optimizes compression to minimize bandwidth requirements and also leverages the 3G mobile networks.

Second Life

In May 2008 Vollee debuted its service with the launch of a Second Life application that allowed Residents to explore, interact and communicate on-line. Residents can explore the entire virtual world from their handsets via a free beta application. The beta version service allows users with qualified 3G or Wi-Fi enabled handsets to download a thin client to their device and log-in using their existing Second Life accounts.


Vollee announced partnerships with Intellectual Property owners ActivisionBlizzard, Linden Lab, Codemasters, and Encore Software.

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