Voluntary Movement Speeds

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Movement Type Speed in Meters Per Second
walk 3.20
run 5.13
crouch walk 2.00
fly 16.00
upward fly 16.00
downward fly 22.87
Movement Type Speed in Degrees Per Second
turn left/right 90

This information is important for avoiding creating animations where your feet slide along the ground, or wings beat too fast or slow when flying, or limbs move too fast or slow while swimming.

There are some things that may appear to be missing from the tables above.

I did not list the falling speed because falling doesn't require the body to do anything to keep the movement going. Therefore the speed is irrelevant.

I did not list swimming speeds because they are the same as the flying speeds. This is because the simulator does not recognize swimming as such. Without a animation overrider you will fly underwater. Animation overriders know whether to play a flying or swimming animation by detecting the water level and comparing it to your position.

"slow fly" is actually a transition between hovering and flying, rather than something with a movement rate of its own. It is documented in the Animation Durations article.

The walk/run/crouch walk speeds listed are for level terrain. The avatar will move significantly faster when moving downhill, slower uphill.

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