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The following animation types are the only ones that have a predictable duration.

Animation Type llGetAnimation Value Duration in Seconds
prejump "PreJumping" 0.033333333333333333
jump "Jumping" 2.5
slow fly "FlyingSlow" 0.033333333333333333
land "Landing" [1] 0.4
stand up "Standing Up" 2.6

"slow fly" is triggered when you start to move forward, during the transition between hover and fly animations. "prefly" would have been a clearer, and more consistent, name. This might come as a surprise to people expecting slow fly to be another form of movement.

This information is important for avoiding creating animations that will run longer than the action takes.

That said, simulator lag can cause an action to take longer than normal. For that reason, it's best for prejump, jump, and slow fly animations to be looped. That will prevent them from ending early under laggy conditions. If your prejump or slow fly animation is longer than one frame you should normally make the last frame the loop body. This will cause you to become stuck in the appropriate pose until the jump or fly action starts. Jump animations should normally be looped in the middle, since they play while you are in the air. You should not loop land and stand up animations. If they were looped you would land or stand up repeatedly, or appear stuck in a pose, when lagging. They look natural ending before the simulator 'notices' because they end a action sequence (prejump->jump->land or fall->land or fall->stand_up).

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  1. ^ "Soft Landing" is treated the same as "Landing" in most animation overriders (i.e. these animations are of the same 'type'). Of the four most popular only Firestorm's animation overrider allow them to be overrriden separately, the other three (Phoenix's, Franimation, and ZHAO-II) all play the 'land' animation you chose for both "Landing" and "Soft Landing".