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Wind affects physical and flexible objects and particles.



Video tutorial

Wind strength and behavior

A test device monitored wind behavior for 150 days in mainland, Heterocera, Achemon sim. Results are as follows:

  • Maximum wind strength: 58.344120 meters per second (=210 km/s)
  • Minimum wind strength: 0.000229 meters per second (=0.8 meters per hour)
  • Average wind strength: ~4 meters per second (=14 meters per hour)
  • Average wind strength is not the same in each day (this is why the round value 4 is given).
  • Average wind direction:
    • none (if it is measured for days)
    • a dominant direction (not continuous, it might turn back for limited time) - if measured for a few hours
    • a continuous direction (if measured for minutes).

Also, it is interesting that wind might be completely different on ground compared with a skybox. Close to a sim border, results are slightly different compared with a place in sim center.