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Second Life has Windows Vista support for recent graphics cards with updated drivers. See System Requirements. Much of the below is deprecated and retained for historical context.

Graphics Driver Info

Update your graphics drivers first!

You need the latest drivers for your video card to run Second Life with Windows Vista.

Microsoft's own update service, as noted in many sources such as and various reports, does not contain the proper OpenGL ICD. What this means is that to have full hardware acceleration and better compatibility in Vista, you will likely have to go to your video card manufacturer's web site to download and install the latest Vista divers:

Graphics Drivers

Please do this before going further. The majority of the complaints we've heard were resolved by doing this upfront.

Blog posts

Support Info

Public Issue Tracker

You can search for "vista" to see issues fellow Residents have reported.

Forum threads

You can discuss in the Technical Issues forum. Also try an Advanced Search. Note that some of this info is deprecated and kept here for legacy purposes only.

Personal experiences

If you would like to read or share comments on running Second Life with Windows Vista, please see Talk:Windows Vista