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NOTE: This API and its documentation are NOT provided or supported by Linden Lab. Linden Lab does not guarantee that this API works as described or works at all. Use at your own risk!

What is the World API?

It is a set of detail pages normally used in search, but scripts can grab "meta" tags for details and also parse the title for key2name translation on the web.


With you can grab the profile description, avatar image and name of the avatar from in LSL or other webpages.


   <title>Zido (zidonuke.ghost)</title> 
   <meta name="mat" content="PG_NOT" /> 
   <meta name="imageid" content="46b4d637-c785-4a86-865d-8fd0a56c4200" /> 
   <meta name="agentid" content="24e6998d-7bf2-4d03-b38b-acf8f2a21fc1" /> 
   <meta name="description" content="Zidonuke..." /> 


With you can grab parcel information as detailed below.


   <meta name="boost" content="0" /> 
   <meta name="description" content="Deshima Station, a space station science fiction existing far away from major space colonies or settlements and without the bondage of their rules. This is the harsh existence of living on the frontier. This is an OOC and RP (roleplay) friendly area." /> 
   <meta name="region" content="Deshima" /> 
   <meta name="location" content="116/128/2975" /> 
   <meta name="snapshot" content="" /> 
   <meta name="mat" content="M_AO" /> 
   <meta name="imageid" content="85717756-ee05-7b22-56d6-1684c74ea002" /> 
   <meta name="parcel" content="" /> 
   <meta name="parcelid" content="49ef8b3d-a0cd-8f6f-b226-b19c566d9b60" /> 
   <meta name="area" content="63504"> 
   <meta name="ownerid" content="e0ed0f49-0de4-37c5-e7be-5f1b60de9bcf" /> 
   <meta name="ownertype" content="group" /> 
   <meta name="owner" content=" " /> 
   <meta name="category" content="Hangout" /> 


With you can grab group information as detailed below.


   <meta name="description" content="A group used internally by and management." /> 
   <meta name="member_count" content="53" /> 
   <meta name="open_enrollment" content="N" /> 
   <meta name="membership_fee" content="0" /> 
   <meta name="founderid" content="0f15391e-105f-4b05-91e3-48b73c60ae64" /> 
   <meta name="founder" content="Ash Weststar (ash.qin)" /> 
   <meta name="groupid" content="e0ed0f49-0de4-37c5-e7be-5f1b60de9bcf" /> 
   <meta name="imageid" content="1ca1de4c-092d-3ca0-d3bc-fc4fbfe76dae" /> 
   <meta name="mat" content="PG_NOT" />