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NOTE: This is an official Second Life API provided and documented by Linden Lab. Its use is subject to the API Terms of Use.


The Second Life Project Snowstorm Viewer now provides the ability for third-party developers to create media rendering plugins to display rich media content inworld. The Viewer provides this capability by loading media rendering plugins at runtime.

Creators of objects use the parcel-based media setting dialog box to reference a network-based file, and then map the media texture to an object that then displays the media. Previously, this was limited to media rendering plugins that Linden Lab created in the core of the Second Life Viewer, such as Apple QuickTime(tm).

Now, rendering engine developers can create a rendering library that loads through the media plugin API to display specific media content on textures of inworld objects, creating a richer and more vibrant set of media experiences for Second Life Residents.

This developer release provides the components necessary for building and testing media rendering plugins to be promoted and distributed for use in future versions of the Second Life Viewer.

KBnote.png Note: Use of the media rendering plugin API is subject to the API Terms of Use.


The Snowglobe Viewer supports media rendering plugins. For more information, see the SLDEV mailing list.

NOTE: To build media rendering plugins, you must currently build the Viewer; in the future, the Media Rendering Plugin API will be separated so that you do not need to build the entire Viewer to build a plugin.

Use the Viewer 2 version of Snowglobe.

Download Snowglobe

Procedure: After checking out the Viewer branch, run normally, then build/run the "media_plugin_test" target in the SecondLife project. If you have any questions or issues related to building and testing media rendering plugins, contact