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Name Creator Description
SetLinkText Tacusin Memo Custom function like llSetText only applying to linked sets.
Displayer Script Akinori Kimagawa Display Words On Top Of An Object
Float Box Contents Rolig Loon Displays object inventory in hover text, identified by type and updated marquee-style.
RavText Ravenous Dingo An alternate to XyText. This is a lightweight, multiple font 10 character text display system. It only supports uppercase alphanumeric text and a few special characters, but it is very fast, renders quickly and supports multiple fonts. It is meant for specialized use when all that is desired is basic, fast text display and the extra "bells and whistles" are not needed.
Text Scroller Fred Gandt A simple text display object that scrolls text (applied as a texture) from right to left (like those LED signs) in a continuous loop.
NexiiText Nexii Malthus Text Renderer, specialised in features, performance and a compact nature. It features unique per character control, such as Colour, Bold, Italics, Underline, Stroke, Icons. The high performance means it comes in at a 5 char / prim ratio, but it is perfect where highly dynamic and rich text is required.
Progress Bar Nexii Malthus Flexible and powerful little function for creating progress bars useful in hovertext.
XyText Xylor Baysklef Display text (up to 10 characters) on a prim. Use as many prims as desired.
XyyyyzText Criz Collins Display text (up to 10 characters) on a prim. Displays different text for each line instead of one single text, that will be broken into the next lines. Watch here for what that means:
XyzzyText Thraxis Epsilon and Gigs Taggart Display text (up to 10 characters) on a prim. Way more efficient than XyText.