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do loop while (condition);

•  loop Executes once, then executes condition.
•  condition If condition executes true, it then loops back and executes loop again.

Any of the statements can be null statements. A do...while loop is slightly faster than a while or for loop, and requires fewer bytes of memory than a while or for loop.


Conditional Types
Type Condition
integer True if it is not zero.
float True if it is not zero.[1]
string True if its length is not zero.
key True only if it is a valid key and not NULL_KEY.
vector True if the vector is not ZERO_VECTOR.
rotation True if the rotation is not ZERO_ROTATION.
list True if the length is not zero. Note that correct behavior is only seen with Mono-compiled scripts; LSO-compiled scripts incorrectly resolve to false if the list is non-empty: BUG-230728


<lsl>//Counts from 1 to 5 default {

       integer olf;// Without applied value an integer will be defaulted to zero.
           llSay(0, (string) (++olf));// Increment before the while condition.
       while(olf<5);                  // On the first pass/loop olf = 1

}</lsl><lsl>//Counts from 0 to 4 default {

       integer olf;
           llSay(0, (string)olf);// olf is still equal to zero.
       while((++olf)<5);// Increment after/during the test.

}</lsl><lsl>//Counts from 0 to 4 and coments as it loops (block statement demo) default {

       integer olf;
           llSay(0, (string)olf);// Curly brackets are required since there is more than one looped command.
           llSay(0, "looping");

}</lsl><lsl> //Practical example of where a do/while loop is more immediately useful than a while loop: //Note that a sensor event always contains input data, so the 'do' always has something to process

   sensor(integer num)
   {   if(num>12)
       {   gNameList += [llGetSubString(llDetectedName(--num),0,23)];//sometimes avatar names are too long for dialog display
           gKeyList +=  [llDetectedKey(num)];//we will dialog select avatar by name, but still need their key
                                             //even if their name has not been truncated above
       llDialog(llGetOwner(),"Choose an avatar.",gNameList,gDlgChan);//channel is pre-defined when llSensor is triggered


Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


  1. ^ The OpenSim LSL compiler will not do this implicitly. You will need to use an explicit check.