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Function: integer llSameGroup( key agent );

Returns an integer boolean, that is TRUE if agent has the same active group, otherwise FALSE

• key agent must be in the same sim

Also returns TRUE if the object is deeded to the same active group as agent


<lsl>//Gives inventory object only to agents with the same active group default {

   touch_start(integer total_number)
       if(llSameGroup(llDetectedKey(0)))//same as llDetectedGroup(0) (with llDetectedGroup, detected does not need to be in the sim)
           llGiveInventory(llDetectedKey(0), llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,0));
           llSay(0, "Wrong active group!");

See Also


•  llDetectedGroup Used in conjunction with detection events

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


function integer llSameGroup( key agent );