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Function: integer llSameGroupOfficer( key agent );
0.0 Forced Delay
10.0 Energy

Returns an integer boolean, that is TRUE if agent is officer in the same group than the object, otherwise FALSE

• key agent must be in the same sim and must carry the appropriate group tag

Also returns TRUE if the object is deeded to the group in which agent is an officer


<lsl>// Gives inventory object only to officers of the same group than the object default {

   touch_start(integer number)
       for (; number >= 0; --number)
           key avatar = llDetectedKey(number);
           if (llSameGroupOfficer(avatar))
             llGiveInventory(avatar, llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT, 0));
             llSay(0, "You are not an officer of my group!"

See Also


•  llDetectedGroup Used in conjunction with detection events
•  llSameGroup
•  llSameGroupOwner

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


//function integer llSameGroupOfficer( key agent );