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Function: llSetSitText( string text );

Displays text rather than the default "Sit Here" in the pie menu

• string text


The text is limited to 9 characters. A tab (\t) counts as 4 characters. The newline character (\n) will count as 1 character, though it is a bit of a waste, as it will have no effect on how the text is displayed. Aside from counting toward the limit, it will otherwise be ignored.

Note that like particles, and the other set text functions, all text set via llSetSitText becomes a property of a prim, not a script. For that reason, the text will remain if the script that set it is deactivated or even removed.

You have no control over the face face, size or colour of the displayed text.



       llSetSitText("Sit here");


Removing Sit Text

There is no way to stop a pie menu from having a "Sit Here" space reserved on it.

To remove custom text that you have placed there, set the text as space: " ".


       llSetSitText(" ");


Upon your having done so, the text that appears will revert to "Sit Here."


See Also


•  llSitTarget
•  llSetTouchText

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


function void llSetSitText( string text );