SL Cert - Intermediate Mentoring

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SL Certification "Second Life Mentoring - Intermediate Level"



People and organizations who want to help others.


Must be a minimum of six months of age in Second Life, have passed the Second Life Mentoring - Basic Level exam, and have mentored for a month after passing that exam.


Describe the skills and knowledge necessary to mentor at an intermediate level competently and effectively.

Mentor Skillset

These are my initial suggestions of what a new resident needs to know. That means this is what a helper should be qualified to teach. Please comment.

  1. Communications Skillset
    • Thorough knowledge of copyright as it pertains to Linden Lab in Second Life
    • Thorough knowledge of rules about privacy; what constitutes disclosure
    • How to deal with underage residents
    • How to handle a busy welcome area or infohub
  2. Technical Skillset
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • What is Avatar rendering cost and why is it worth noting?
    • Diagnostics
      1. Lag
        • The Statistics Console
        • Be able to decipher the Help - About menu: what's important, what's not
        • Be able to describe solutions for various hardware or network problems
      2. How to locate sound sources
      3. How to locate particle sources
  3. Show advanced knowledge of all menus in the interface, including the Advanced menu.
  4. Show advanced knowledge of the Preferences interface, including custom graphics settings
  5. Understand what console windows are and how to use them