SL Cert - Intermediate Terraforming

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SLCertification is a community project guided by Linden Lab (see FAQ). This project page and its contents are not endorsed, managed or supervised by Linden Lab. Linden Lab may link to this resource in the future solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.

Intermediate Skills

1. Knowledge of Estate Land Management (cross reference Land Management)

• different types of estates (Mainland, Openspace, Homestead, Private)

Testing Could be multiple choice: eg:

Which Estate Type has a Limit of 19 Residents or less? A. Mainland B. Openspace C. Homespace D. Private

2. Knowledge of Land Textures and Library elements

Testing PIW

  • change land textures on an estate
  • show blending
  • use Library plants

4. Use of Plants/Prim elements (rocks, roads etc.)

Testing PIW

place trees and shrubs build a path using prims (there is a good example of a possible test in "Creating Your World" Weber Rufer-Bach Platel Wiley 2008 Ch. 10 Terraforming)