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well you like to overide strings, integer etc in chat channel for example you like to enable debug or change the channel i find this the best solution and can be prety usefull API framework for many listens.

USAGE: /CHANNEL Object_Name,message,value eg: /1000 Object,channel,1001

list csv_commands;

integer P_channel = 1000; // channel
integer key_listen;  // listen key
        key_listen = llListen(P_channel, "", NULL_KEY, "");

    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) 
        csv_commands = llCSV2List( llToLower( message ));
//        string said_name = llList2String( csv_commands, 0);        
        string command = llList2String( csv_commands, 1);
        if ( command == "channel") 
            P_channel = (integer)llList2String( csv_commands, 2);
            llListenRemove( key_listen );
            key_listen = llListen(P_channel, "","","");
            llOwnerSay( "Listen Channel set to " + (string)P_channel);
        else if(command == "avatar" || message == "AVATAR")
            llSay(0, "hello avatar");

For technical support, requests, etc., use the Search under the Groups Tab and search for .::Prototype::.

if you have any problems getting this script to work either contect me inworld Revolution Perenti or visit out Open Source Section at skidz partz we have many different versions of this system. Snow Crash