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Function: integer llGetLinkNumber( );

Returns an integer that is the link number of the prim containing the script.

0 means the prim is not linked, 1 the prim is the root, 2 the prim is the first child, etc. Links are numbered in the reverse order in which they were linked -- if you select a box, a sphere and a cylinder in that order, then link them, the cylinder is 1, the sphere is 2 and the box is 3. The last selected prim has the lowest link number.


  • By design may equal llGetNumberOfPrims, e.g., when prim is last, object contains multiple prims, and no sitting avatars
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        llOwnerSay((string) llGetLinkNumber());
        llOwnerSay((string) llGetNumberOfPrims());

See Also


•  llGetKey
•  llGetNumberOfPrims

Deep Notes

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function integer llGetLinkNumber();
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