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Function: key llList2Key( list src, integer index );

Returns a key that is at index in src.

• list src List containing the element of interest.
• integer index Index of the element of interest.

index supports negative indexes.
If index describes a location not in src then null string is returned.
If the type of the element at index in src is not a key it is typecast to a key. If it cannot be typecast null string is returned.

Important: Please read this intro of how to iterate over a list in LSL.


Index Positive Negative
First 0 -length
Last length - 1 -1


  • Positive indexes count from the beginning, the first item being indexed as 0, the last as (length - 1).
  • Negative indexes count from the far end, the first item being indexed as -length, the last as -1.


  • If index is out of bounds the script continues to execute without an error message.
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// Best viewed in Chat History (ctrl-h)
        list my_list = ["a", 1, 2.0, <1,2,3>, <1,2,3,4>, llGetOwner()];
        integer i;
        for (i=0;i<llGetListLength(my_list); ++i)
            llOwnerSay("string=" + llList2String(my_list,i)
                        + "\n   integer=" + (string)llList2Integer(my_list,i)
                        + "\n   float=" + (string)llList2Float(my_list,i)
                        + "\n   vector=" + (string)llList2Vector(my_list,i)
                        + "\n   rot=" + (string)llList2Rot(my_list,i)
                        + "\n   key=" + (string)llList2Key(my_list,i) );

See Also


•  llGetListEntryType
•  llList2String


•  Negative Index

Deep Notes

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