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Localization of Second Life Work into Castilian Spanish

The purpose of this page is to facilate communication between Linden Lab and the Localizers Spanish team working on the localization of the SL Work project.

Please enter your question on this wiki and I will do my best to provide an answer!

  • Question:

This sentence in "SL_Work_EN_strings.po_es" looks incomplete, could you please check it? "By setting objects to group ownership, you give any member of a specific group to edit content"


Hi there, I had this same question from the German translator. I think this should answer your question:

I think there is something missing in this sentence. It should be:

By setting objects to group ownership, you give any member of a specific group the right to edit content.

Meaning, that if you build an object, you can set it so that it is owned by a specific group. The members of this group will then be able to edit the content of this object.

If you open the Viewer, go to a sandbox (land where you can build), click on "Build" and create an object, then go to the tab "General", on there you can "Set" an object to a group. Unfortunately I don't speak Spanish but in the Viewer the following translation was used for "set" > "Configurar"

I can't see the context, to me this sounds very viewer specific. I am surprised to have this sentence on sl work!

Does this help? Let me know if you need more info. Cheers, Simone

Localization of secondlife.com and Landstore into Castilian Spanish

  • Question:

Hi, I have another query, this time about "strings.ini" in Landstore: Are we supposed to translate names like Ruth's Retreat, Hill and Dale, Loch Lake, etc.?

Answer: Noelle:

We did translate those in French, Japanese and German. For French, you can check here: https://land.secondlife.com/fr-FR/private-regions.php You can switch languages in the upper left corner of the page!

  • Question:

In "strings.po", what do you mean with "throb"?

Answer: Noelle: I believe this should not be translated!