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Where to file Policy Change Requests?

The wufoo form linked in this header here says that the form should not be "used to request changes to actual Linden Lab policy [...]", though fails to mention where such requests should be filed instead. (Originally mentioned at LLO talk:Template:Multi-lang, 9 December 2009)
Could this information be added to the form and/or this header, please? Thanks.
--Boroondas Gupte 14:35, 27 March 2010 (UTC)

Confirming here too, that I'm going to make a KB article for this and link to it from the form. :) - Torley-favicon.png on 2010-03-29 @ 5:33 AM Pacific
Linked to Linden_Lab_Official:Suggesting_a_policy_change from the form — we're not linking to it from the header, in part because it's meant to be more focused and compact. - Torley-favicon.png on 2010-03-29 @ 12:13 PM Pacific