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In support of trying out the new functionality of mesh support, we've collected some sample mesh objects that you can see in-world and try importing yourself! Feel free to download and test each of the following meshes. You can also find in-world examples of these meshes free to copy at the following location: Mesh City 4

All works are the intellectual property of the individuals listed next to each example. They are provided here for reference and testing - please contact the original creators with any questions regarding rights to use or redistribute their intellectual property.

Description Triangles Streaming Cost Download Link Sample Image
Sample 1: Streetlight, provided by Racush Cheeky 1,896 triangles ~7 prims streaming cost
A sample mesh streetlight
Sample 2: Truck, provided by Jennifur Vultee 10,672 triangles ~28 prims, streaming cost
A sample mesh truck
Sample 3: Simple Doors, provided by Drongle McMahon 1,454 triangles ~13 prims streaming cost
A sample mesh doorway
Sample 4: Doric Column, provided by Drongle McMahon 814 Triangles ~6 prims streaming cost
A sample mesh column