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While I highly support the intent of this script, I don't think it will achieve its goals. Here are my problems with it:

1. The default time and radius of the sensor is not realistic in most cases, thus the lag caused is much higher than stated in practical use.

2. This is simply replacing a thousand running scripts, most of which are tiny... (what, a clock maybe?) with a thousand sensor repeats.

3. I can't speak for everyone, but I move my camera far more often than I move my avatar. This script would Destroy the creator's intentions in this case.

4. Even for those who don't cam so much, draw distance is rarely lower than the maximum sensor distance. In these cases, people will see a dead object come to life as they approach it. I've seen this used for good before, but it's not a good idea in general.

The one place I would consider using this script is to wrap a channel 0 listener script, and even then I'd want to check for performance differences.

I admire the strive for less lag. In my experience, that means staying away from sensors and listeners as much as possible. If I am wrong about this script (actually I hope I am ;) please explain better or give more proof and arguments. Keep up the good work though PLEASE, it's great to see the constant strive to reduce lag, I've met far too many coders who ignore it.

Sleeves Rhode 09:50, 17 October 2009 (UTC)

I'm afraid I have to add my voice to the above expressed concerns about the suitability of this script. For one thing you have made no mention of a reported and known bug with llSetScriptState See here ---> SVC-1853 that can cause scripts to lose their memories. This could really matter but there is no mention or provision.

The use of a sensor to reduce lag is so weird I can't laugh. There have been over 2000 visits to the page for this script. I hope dearly that the visitors were just sightseeing.

A clearer explanation about the fact that the scripts are turned off and on should be given for residents who can't script and thus are most likely to be using scripts from the wiki. I would imagine that few uploaders so far have realized what this script actually does.

Mostly though...llSensorRepeat to reduce lag?? On a busy region this script in a few objects could come close to abusive.

I will though also join in with the support of your intention. Anyone making any effort to clean up the virtual environment is doing good works (even if misguided). Perhaps working at making better, faster, cleaner more efficient scripts to replace the bad ones this is designed to switch off would be a better course to take. -- Fred Gandt (talk|scripts|contribs) 12:34, 13 March 2010 (UTC)