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16 december 2007
Owner of *DaeSigns*

About my scripts

I use basically the Second Life "New Script" standard format. This means that I for each open and closed curly clamp {} start a new line. So I always see immediately without consuming to have to read everything exactly where I possibly forget one. Because for each clamp is opened, the function with the appropriate counterpart to be closed again. Furthermore, I separate each new event with a completely empty row. This helps me keep the overview, you can see at some point because many trees not the forest.

Cartella blu.jpg



unprocessed content

  • Don't worry, the empty rows, the clamps and the comments will not increase the memory of the script.
    {                                //<--- open clamp (new line)
        llSay(0, "Hello, Avatar!");
    }                                //<--- closed clamp (new line)
                                     //<--- empty row between two events
    touch_start(integer total_number)
    {                                //<--- open clamp (new line)
        llSay(0, "Touched.");
    }                                //<--- closed clamp (new line)

Script Schule (deutsch)

Bei saemtlichen Inhalten in dieser Kategorie handelt es sich um Beispiele und nicht zwingend um fertige Scripte.

Tutorials Creator Description
Schalter Daemonika Nightfire Status-Wechsel TRUE & FALSE in unterschiedlichen Beispielen.

My personal LSL Script Library

Tutorials Creator Description
*DS* Tools (DE) Daemonika Nightfire Nuetzliche kleine Helfer.
*DS* Memory-Walkthrough (DE) Daemonika Nightfire This Script show you how you can limit the maximal memory for each mono-script.
*DS* Variable Tutorial (DE) Daemonika Nightfire Kurze Beispiele fuer die unterschiedlichen Verwendungen von Variablen.
*DS* Giver Tutorial (DE) Daemonika Nightfire Kurze Beispiele fuer einfache und erweiterte Giver.
*DS* Access Tutorial (DE)

*DS* Access Tutorial (EN)

Daemonika Nightfire Kurze Beispiele zum Thema Berechtigung in ausfuehrbaren Befehlen.

Short examples about permission to executable commands.

*DS*_Hovertext_Helper (EN) Daemonika Nightfire Copy / paste this script into a New Prim and change the Primcolor with the Editmenu.
*DS* LinkNumber-List_in_llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast (EN) Daemonika Nightfire Changed several prims in linkset with the same parameters, with a list. Without separate llSetLinkPrimitiveParams for each prim. (ideal for show/hide effects)
Scripts Creator Description
*DS* Privat-Sky (DE) Daemonika Nightfire Einfaches Script zum sperren des Luftraums ueber eine bestimmten hoehe fuer die ganze Parzelle oder Region.
*DS* Greeter & Co (DE) Daemonika Nightfire Einfache Scripte fuer die Grundausstattung eines Shops, Clubs, oder andere oeffentliche Locations.
*DS* Vendor (DE) Daemonika Nightfire Einfache Vendor (Verkaufsautomat) Scripte zum verkaufen von geboxten Items.
*DS* Anti (copy & transfer) (EN) Daemonika Nightfire This funktion allows you to give away scripts with copy & transfer permissions and force the reseller to change the permission.
*DS* Anti Rezz (EN) Daemonika Nightfire This script delete the complete object by rezzing on ground and detach it after 5 minutes from avatar.
*DS*_DEMO_Shield (EN) Daemonika Nightfire With this script, it is impossible to use these scripts in copied (Copybot) object.
*DS* Rental-Cube v3.0.10 (DE) Daemonika Nightfire This is an Open-Source version of a Rental-Cube from Daemonika Nightfire. Just copy/paste this script into a inworld lsl-script and add one notecard called Info/Rules to the content of your cube.
*DS* Resize Script (m/c/t) v2.0.01 (EN) Daemonika Nightfire Single resize script for a complete linkset with save and restore option.
*DS* Easy LM/NC Giver (EN) Daemonika Nightfire This Giver is useful as simple giver for NCs and/or LMs or as giver for inviting-cards.
*DS*_Region_Reboot_Messenger (EN) Daemonika Nightfire With this script, find all that are specified in the list when the Sim is back after a restart. So you must then not always look on the map, if the sim is back there.
*DS*_Display-Username_Online_Indicator (EN) Daemonika Nightfire This simple hover text-based script is used to shop owners in Second Life, customers at the current display name and user name to display publicly. Additionally shows the status of the Userkey and online. Furthermore, there are click of a chat link that opens the profile owner.
*DS*_Animation_Sit (DE) Daemonika Nightfire This Script must be placed together with a Pose / Animation in the Object.
*DS*_Single_AO-Sit (DE) Daemonika Nightfire & Simon Illyar Posescript for use with or without AO and with or without Animation. With the menu it is possible the seated Avatar to move.
*DS* Dae's Particle (DE) Daemonika Nightfire I never use a particle generator. This Particle-Script serves me as a Basis for all of my Particle-Effects.
More scripts and snippets follow in the future.

My fast blanko Textures

Large Textures need long Time to load!

I created this very small Textures in order to equip unimportant surfaces, because all the Textures are rendered by the Viewer. If many surfaces are equipped with those little textures rez the Sim faster.

Name UUID size Creator
red 78a18236-f6e5-09ce-289c-3ffea180fb34 16 x 16 pixel Daemonika Nightfire
green 9f3a7cee-7040-756b-0786-ea026601c451 16 x 16 pixel Daemonika Nightfire
blue c083207a-0c7c-f64f-77e5-da7675ca4e00 16 x 16 pixel Daemonika Nightfire
yellow 16364314-ebcf-7d6a-dbab-f1a1331dd2cd 16 x 16 pixel Daemonika Nightfire
black 8fd4a8ea-e5b4-af57-7d01-3b173d3608ce 16 x 16 pixel Daemonika Nightfire
white 40ca82a1-c00d-39db-6c7d-ec7d48df4de3 16 x 16 pixel Daemonika Nightfire
transparent 7cae828c-2d5d-ec8c-b8f6-855870bb2b66 16 x 16 pixel Daemonika Nightfire

Use the Textures with this script

//llSetTexture(string texture, integer face);