A011 Sim Group

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A011 sim group

A011 is the temporary name given to the most isolated Sim Group on the map. It is located in Grid Sector G7, Southern Ocean and can be seen as a white dot in the far South-West of the map. Coordinates are 700-701/789-791.

The sim group is composed of only 3 sims. Two of them are in direct contact, the third is only in diagonal contact. The sims are named Sweeny, Lovett and Insula Esoterica. Lovett is adult, the other two are moderate. All 3 sims are owned by the same estate owner.

All 3 islands have nature-themed landscapes. Sweeny is covered with trees, Lovett has beaches (and grain crops on a skybox) and Insula Exoterica has water and beaches.

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