A154 Microcontinent

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A154 microcontinent

A154 is the transitory name of a Microcontinent. To this moment, no other name has bee suggested for it. A154 means it is the 154th structure found on world map by Second Life Geography team.


It is placed West to Europe Continent, not far away. It has Coordinates 891-895/1307-1309, that places it inside Grid Sector H13, Northern Ocean.


This microcontinent has a compact shape and is made of 16 sims. It is half the size of its nearby Europe Continent. The sims are full of navigable Water, that forms a large sea. More then half the land is flooded. A special attention was given to submerged places, where a diver can find a lot of plants, rocks and not only.

Ground surface looks like a tropical beach paradise. Majority of islands are low, without elevated land and with tropical vegetation, but some of them have higher Altitude (about 40 meters) and small, black mountains.

Land Status

The microcontinent is opened for public. Our survey found no Land With Restricted Access. Note that some of the waterways are Inhabited Land for syrens and mermaids.

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