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Transcript for Monday June 27, 2011

[11:00] Slaton Linden hello
[11:00] Innula Zenovka hi, Slaton
[11:00] Viale Linden thanks everyon for your notes
[11:01] Viale Linden I want to circle back on some items from last week
[11:01] Dancer Greenfield This is the biggest attendance for months... did the word go around that it's an important meeting?
[11:01] Viale Linden Business Objectives
[11:01] Hypatia Meili Hi Viale
[11:01] Viale Linden Community goal
[11:01] Viale Linden Leverage our passionate community to help us convert new users and retain existing users.
[11:02] Couldbe you forgot the word committed as well Viale
[11:02] Viale Linden 1. 1. Facilitate sustainable, productive communities by partnering with key groups and residents. (different from executing on a community wishlist).
[11:02] Zada Bury back, here
[11:02] Viale Linden 2. Bring the value forward - Use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube), Message Of The Day, Blogs, Destination Guide, Welcome Feeds, and in-viewer SL social efforts to showcase Second Life UGC.
[11:02] Viale Linden 3. Focus on sustainable movements, not discrete campaigns. Source the community for naturally sustaining, organic initiatives that scale and utilize trusted community resources while still aligning with corporate goals. Move away from LL-driven events and start spotting movements with natural momentum.
[11:03] Ginette Pinazzo fabulous
[11:03] Viale Linden 4. Embrace community content as an untapped, invaluable resource.
[11:03] Viale Linden Metrics
[11:03] Zan greetings between lag
[11:03] Viale Linden let me clarify som key points
[11:03] Counter Landfall great
[11:04] Viale Linden We are focused on sustainable and organic movements
[11:04] Couldbe where's adult content in all of this?
[11:04] Viale Linden Let me give you a moment to digest
[11:04] Viale Linden and I will answer questions
[11:04] Counter Landfall can you translate your last sentence?
[11:04] Ginette Pinazzo I thinkwe all feel the active user chrun soemtimes...haha
[11:05] Janicka Engineer hello all
[11:05] Viale Linden Actually churn is very light but we need to find new users to replace
[11:05] Hypatia Meili hey Jani
[11:05] Zada Bury Zada Bury wawes. "Heya Jani." ^_^

[11:05] Janicka Engineer :)
[11:05] Innula Zenovka does, " 3. Surfacing the best content related to SL events and locations will boost the amount of new user" mean that adult content is likely to be featured in advertising and the destination guide?
[11:06] Couldbe ahh so those approximately 97% of people who create an account each day but don't actually continue aren't considered churn?
[11:06] Couldbe I suppose that's only around 17K people a day
[11:06] Viale Linden That is something I would like to discuss
[11:06] Qie actually, there *is* adult content in the destination guide now, which is important
[11:07] JeZeBeLe Dagger Sustainable movements, does this mean that you will actively allow the officership of the ZE. To change when applicable. Currently our transcript. Currently we were to nominate folks to take on that leadership and we have no system to do this accountably outside of "Monday Meetings" which everyone can not attend. We forget about the culture of sustainability and focus on the marketing "Events" that do not relate to cultures. But relate to "marketing income" vs wholesome experiences.
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo Viale, will you have that mission in writing soemplace...for easy reference later?
[11:07] Viale Linden The zexpo 2011 event seems like a great event, but I would prefer little or no linden involvement
[11:07] Innula Zenovka is there, Qie?
[11:07] Viale Linden Prefer organic
[11:07] Counter Landfall I think you need to translate your objectives to adult content because they are all ok as a general objective, but they don't necessarily scale to us given your own restrictions set in the adult content policy.
[11:08] Viale Linden I see linden involvment as a way to figure out how we can promote or make your events discoverable
[11:08] Qie Innula, maybe not. I thought I got it before, but now I can't repro.
[11:08] Couldbe are you saying that this user group is about the mainland community of zindra and no longer about adult content?
[11:08] Ginette Pinazzo I agree 'little ' involvemetn is best Vialke....though 'no ' involveemtn woudl have never allowed soemthing like ZEXPO 2011 ti ever occur
[11:08] Hypatia Meili LL simply neds to asing land control as need , keep contro of the groups for that
[11:08] Viale Linden Good point - this group is not about zindra only
[11:08] Zada Bury (( aduld placeas are in the destination guide ... you can switch, like in the regular search also your maturity-level to set, what you want see. ... last was ... 5 to 10 places in.))
[11:08] Hypatia Meili it is curently still under blondin
[11:08] BBQBill Odriscoll Unless users are empowered Gina
[11:08] Counter Landfall great I apprechite you made that poin only
[11:08] Couldbe the two areas are not mutually compatible
[11:09] Counter Landfall point*
[11:09] Couldbe there is very little overlap
[11:09] Viale Linden It is about the Adult segment and I would like to hear from "A" region holders too
[11:09] Counter Landfall nice
[11:09] Couldbe you do realise that all of zindra is rated A, don't you?
[11:09] Innula Zenovka that's very good news, Viale..
[11:09] Hypatia Meili weli work for a place on an island too
[11:09] Counter Landfall visibility and marketing encompass all adult regions and content
[11:10] Ginette Pinazzo well, I love the sound of the mission, anywya
[11:10] JeZeBeLe Dagger If its organic, we lose grasp of the "Arts, the Entertainment takes control, and the cultural experiences of Adult themed events relating to themed catagories. (LBGT, Femdom, D/s, Education, Enrichment arts, Mentorship, Cultural themes relating to nationality, etc.)
[11:10] Viale Linden I want to hold off on any decisions for management of Zindra region and 4 corners until post zexpo 2011
[11:10] Innula Zenovka search, the marketplace, problems with age verification.. not just events and questions that only affect Zindra..
[11:10] Qie There are Zindra-specific issues, too, but they have little or nothing to do with adult content. Indeed, Zindra is less and less about adult content as time goes on (despite being rated A, uniformly)
[11:10] Zada Bury (( for the destination-guide: ))
[11:11] Counter Landfall why that decision point only?
[11:11] Counter Landfall what happens at that time that makes you want to postpone?
[11:11] Viale Linden I would like this meeting to be more strategic and less about ticket management
[11:11] Couldbe ticket management?
[11:12] Sissy Blitz I agree Viale
[11:12] Counter Landfall good signal only
[11:12] Counter Landfall and I agree
[11:12] Hypatia Meili Zindar specific by defintionhas pelenty to do with adult, uit just is not all
[11:12] Ginette Pinazzo Viale...marlketiong works months in a dvance....I agree no big changes should occir now....but you shoudl at least have the matreiual in froitn of you eralkty BEFORE the end of ZEXPO allow for momentum to be continued
[11:12] Counter Landfall we have been preoccupied with micro managment
[11:12] Kaleu Voir Hello for everyone ,I been in contact with LL on phone last week !
[11:13] Qie FWIW, I think it's best to wait, too, because nobody really wants to stop or complicate the current ZEXPO. Let it run to completion, then decide. (That said, however, we *need* progress on Podyan, and could benefit from some progress on the Zindra sim)
[11:13] Viale Linden I believe Lindens stunt your creativity and I would like you present great ideas to move thise segment forward
[11:13] Kaleu Voir I will like to go direct to the subject
[11:14] Zan Lindens could add to the creativity Vuiale
[11:14] Kaleu Voir last time the meeting has not professional ,look like been run by teenages
[11:14] BBQBill Odriscoll Good approach Viale
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo Viale.....I would like to announce ZE's basic plan well in you at least know where we wish to go with this......we couldnt wait until 'kast minute' and plan this stuff succesfully
[11:14] Viale Linden Ginette - not sure what you are asking
[11:15] Dancer Greenfield My main wish is that LL should be seen to support Zexpo. The only LL member to visit Zexpo was M Linden. Even Blondin didn't show his face during the week.
[11:15] Dancer Greenfield Zexpo 2010, that is
[11:15] Zada Bury On the OH he was there
[11:15] Sissy Blitz Give Viale a chance Ginette he can not fix all your problems in one meeting
[11:15] Counter Landfall yes he was
[11:15] Ginette Pinazzo I am asking that we presrnt(quickly) the overview of where we want to we want to set things up with affects everything...and affects how we even plan t6his show
[11:15] Counter Landfall ZE does not affect everything ;-)
[11:15] Viale Linden Are you asking for the floor?
[11:16] Ginette Pinazzo when its ready, tes
[11:16] Counter Landfall he just said he wanted to keep this trategic and all adult conent
[11:16] Couldbe if so, please limit your time
[11:16] Viale Linden Ginette - please
[11:16] Couldbe there are other items that need to be discussed other then the Zexpo group
[11:16] Viale Linden Ginette - go ahead
[11:16] Ginette Pinazzo tha nks Vial...Ill be brief
[11:16] Viale Linden couldbe - u are next
[11:16] Qie (incidentally, I *do* get 43 Adult results in destinations, Midian City being topmost)
[11:17] Ginette Pinazzo ZEG has been meeting and many of the most active members have pulled together with a solid naturally evolved plan for ZE's future. You asked for some nominations; I think we have that and better, and these people are woven into a comprehensive plan that seamlessly continues the good work we've been doing, addresses key concerns, and matches perfectly with LL mission for Zindra and, by extension, adult SL. I am sending you the info you need right now......... This represents the 'will of the group' (see the chart) ...
[11:17] Ginette Pinazzo (passes chart to Viale)
[11:18] Viale Linden Please post in chat
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo we have used consensus to build this structure. I'd be happy to explain it in more detail, easily done off the meeting clock. .....
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo We also have 2 comments about this:
[11:18] Viale Linden be back - checking doc
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo 1) ZE was formed as an LL group and has done much work. The group wants to continue on this path, attracting and retaining more and more people to Zindra, adult SL, and this process. This specific plan is all about Zindra, I know (though I believe this will impact adult SL in general) but this plan is not meant to infringe upon other 'adult topics' that may come up at these meetings.....
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo I suggest that LL respect the past record of success of ZE and support us as we continue forward with initiatives, most of which have already been approved by LL. There is a lot of talent here that can really realize a mutually beneficial mission. .....
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo In short, ZE can certainly plan its own management, whether LL is involved or not (but we strongly feel LL should at least have a rep in the group for some very practical purposes). ZE cannot and should not be subject to another group's 'nominations' to manage ZE's projects. It;'s outrageous and unethical to allow one group to have a say over another's operations. ZE has spoken, and we'd like to be heard, supported and allowed to continue to help in as official capacity as possible. We believe this plan illustrates the best solution for a strong and do-able foundation.
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo finally....
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo Finally, one final, very small example of how this group has a Will. Here's a document I'm passing that illustrates how we feel about the group's direction. Note the petition of names at bottom. The petition is the main reason I am showing you this.
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo FIN
[11:20] Ginette Pinazzo you DID ask for this nomination thing Viale...peoepl have been burbning the candles at both ends to get this done..haha
[11:20] Viale Linden Ginette - as I mentioned before the zexpo 2011 event should move forward and we will make decision post event on the future of the 4 corners
[11:20] Viale Linden Is this clear?
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo I understand Viale.....its very clear
[11:21] Viale Linden Ok
[11:21] Viale Linden Coube be - you have the floor
[11:21] Couldbe for what viale?
[11:22] Viale Linden Zada - do you kneed to discuss anything?
[11:22] Couldbe apart from wondering what is to become of the adult content issues that we have - which you say are "ticket management" I don't think there's anything left of interest
[11:22] Zada Bury Oh, no. Actualy not.
[11:22] Viale Linden counter?
[11:22] Zada Bury Umm, why?
[11:22] Couldbe you are aware we have an agenda for this meeting, aren't you?
[11:22] Counter Landfall Sure
[11:22] Janicka Engineer I would like one question from another thing Viale :)
[11:23] Viale Linden Ok - first Counter
[11:23] Counter Landfall I kinda read you that we are off the agenda for today, so I am not sure if we should even touch that
[11:23] Viale Linden Can someone list the agenda points
[11:24] Counter Landfall I can list my own points
[11:24] Zada Bury
[11:24] Hypatia Meili most of the topis on it have to do with what is being put off until after zexpo 2011
[11:24] Zan smiles
[11:24] Counter Landfall most of them pertains to the discussion we had last meeting
[11:24] Viale Linden I will erase all points after meeting
[11:24] Innula Zenovka at some point I'd appreciate clarification about the status and future of the Adult content stuff in the wiki and KB, which i did put on the agenda
[11:24] Counter Landfall and the contention over how the ZE group operates
[11:25] Counter Landfall can we discuss the agenda itmes or do you want to keep that for later only?
[11:25] Zan allow for change & growth Counter
[11:25] Zan & join in wityth it
[11:25] Viale Linden agenda is too long for this meeting
[11:26] Viale Linden let me call some points to order
[11:26] BBQBill Odriscoll I suggest giving the new team time to evaluate the process themselves
[11:26] Zada Bury *nods heavy*
[11:26] Counter Landfall ok, allow me one item then
[11:26] Janicka Engineer wb ginette
[11:26] Viale Linden counter - go ahead
[11:26] Counter Landfall last meeting you aksed for the community to indtify 5 potential team members for a land management group
[11:26] Counter Landfall ZA has nominated 6 names, they are in the agenda
[11:26] Viale Linden I saw that
[11:27] Counter Landfall I want to submit these names as candidates for those roles
[11:27] Viale Linden We are postponing management
[11:27] Counter Landfall We expext there will be other dandidates
[11:27] Viale Linden However, duly noted
[11:27] Counter Landfall thanks
[11:27] Huntress Catteneo I would appreciate the urgent topic of Zindra Vortex be addressed at some point, that can really not wait until after Zexpo :{ I tried working out what theagenda items listed meant and covered, but sorry, to me they are not in simple english they are generallities that I have no ide of
[11:28] BBQBill Odriscoll User enablement in general
[11:28] Ginette Pinazzo sorry I crashed.......the agenda has been bascially trashed......we should get that sorted out soon
[11:28] Qie Huntress: yes, I wanted to know, also, how Vortex is operating without Blondin as owner.
[11:28] Viale Linden Huntress - what is the root of the issue
[11:28] Temperance Hax ZE also has nominations, thats the ones get things done
[11:29] Sissy Blitz why do we need some onein charge
[11:29] BBQBill Odriscoll We digress
[11:29] Viale Linden Ok - sec - let me check the agencda
[11:29] Zan the root of the issue is that the managers of Vortex are powerless
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo I see the agenda wiki has been 'gamed'.....items placed before other people's items, items added with no authorship, and material added that isnt even in the grid, scrawled at the bottom. We need to return to format and sanity. Out of fairness to those who do respect the rules, we shouldnt be giving floor time to that material today.
[11:30] Zan * of that issue
[11:30] BBQBill Odriscoll I think Gina does a spectacular job as a facilitator, organizer, and champion.
[11:30] Vick Forcella Vick Forcella slithers in

[11:30] BBQBill Odriscoll I would not characterize that as incharge
[11:30] BBQBill Odriscoll But if that's what you mean I agree
[11:30] Sissy Blitz Ginette does not like me
[11:30] Viale Linden First couple of points about 4 corners - this is answered. Wait till post zexpo2011
[11:30] Zada Bury Maybe, to resolve one ... long and unholy ... discussion. "Zindra Expo"-group ... is owned actually by "Blondin Linden". Ginette, as leader of the ZEXPO-event should have the ownership and that point is done. How she uses the group, is then her part.
[11:30] Huntress Catteneo the root is that it is really non functioning, there is no power to do anything but talk very nicely to trouble makers
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo ZE meetings are fun too...we have decent food
[11:31] BBQBill Odriscoll lol
[11:31] Hypatia Meili righ now the vortex group has no powers, weneed to be able to police th site in both sences
[11:31] Viale Linden renaming of zindra sim decision - I think we are in agreement to keep the name - no?
[11:31] BBQBill Odriscoll We need to be anabled to serve the community Viale
[11:31] Hypatia Meili troble makers and clean up
[11:31] BBQBill Odriscoll Huntress is right
[11:31] Ginette Pinazzo we are not in agreement Viale...not at all
[11:31] BBQBill Odriscoll And Hypathia
[11:31] Dancer Greenfield The name has to be changed
[11:31] Temperance Hax Gettigng things done is imprtant, the proposals to just stop doing anything by counter are frankly dismaying
[11:31] Counter Landfall ZA's position is to keep the name yes
[11:31] Ginette Pinazzo we want the name to say Zindra PLUS with an added its not just Zindra.......ZE wants that
[11:32] Zada Bury About the naming, both parties have valid points.
[11:32] Viale Linden can we keep the personal attacks down
[11:32] Huntress Catteneo can't return objects, last night a girl rezed a mansion on the arrival point
[11:32] Vick Forcella WE agree!
[11:32] Dancer Greenfield At the last Zexpo meeting we were unanimous that the name must be changed
[11:32] Ginette Pinazzo Zindra + Promenade gets you the Zindar search results plus cant be confused with the mainland's name
[11:32] Viale Linden In the lack of consensus on renaming. We may need a solomon solution
[11:32] Qie I think it's a mistake to label all community assets as "Zindra something-or-other"... better just the Zindra sim keep the name, and broaden all the others.
[11:33] Zada Bury Maybe we can mmake following: Until the next meeting, we collect arguments.
[11:33] Couldbe agrees with Qie
[11:33] Counter Landfall ok, only, it is your sim. make a decision
[11:33] Hypatia Meili i think either by nam or signage it simply needs to be made obvious that the zindra sim is starting point
[11:33] Vick Forcella zindra = zindra
[11:33] Viale Linden Zindra is an artifact of the zoning. Why dont you place ads based on subbject?
[11:33] Qie yeah, actually, need that signage regardless of name
[11:33] Couldbe because classifieds don't work?
[11:34] Couldbe because people search using the map?
[11:34] Counter Landfall good point CouldBe
[11:34] BBQBill Odriscoll They work for me
[11:34] Innula Zenovka i agree with Qie, too
[11:34] Ginette Pinazzo Viale..its a basic marketing issue....we have many peoepl (not just noobs) who see 'Zindra' and thinks thats the whoelZindra....seriosuly
[11:34] Zan The resticting of the sim name to the continent name is very misleading
[11:34] Viale Linden I think next week agenda item is how we can help promote adult without offending the masses
[11:35] Viale Linden Not noobs
[11:35] Zan 1 sim does not = 358 sims
[11:35] Viale Linden maybe alts
[11:35] Innula Zenovka and Zindra != adult content
[11:35] Janicka Engineer zindra grid have 343 regions :)
[11:35] Hypatia Meili New York, New York -> hey how about -> Zindra, Zindra
[11:35] Counter Landfall it is easier for noobs to learn that Zindra = the contient Zindra
[11:35] Counter Landfall and when they search for it land in Zindra
[11:35] Couldbe yes but Innula this is no longer a meeting to talk about adult content
[11:35] Viale Linden I would like some proposals - not text chat on what to do with the zindra region.
[11:36] Couldbe only promoting zindra and its communities
[11:36] Counter Landfall since you cant teleport to a contient
[11:36] Viale Linden added as an agenda item
[11:36] StarSong Bright I have a comment
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo you have the ages-old Zindra Promenade proposal Viale? thats bene presented in thoroughly and it waht weve bene moving on
[11:36] Qie Proposal:
[11:36] Hypatia Meili Viale, i wonder because of something you said if LL is aware of something
[11:37] Counter Landfall and Ginette tend to forget the even older original proposla for Zindra and the anme
[11:37] Counter Landfall name*
[11:37] Vick Forcella Zindra is named perfectly imnsho
[11:37] Counter Landfall ZA's newest proposla is to keep the name Zindra
[11:37] Viale Linden Ok - I will not be fielding proposals in the meeting
[11:37] Counter Landfall it is on the ganda for today
[11:37] Viale Linden look for an update on agenda for wiki
[11:37] Viale Linden Ok
[11:38] Sissy Blitz I propose a Art Exhibition
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo Viale.....question abt an item youd say you would think abt for today.......
[11:38] Viale Linden someone posted this as an agenda itemAdult Content KB/Wiki Articles being updated
[11:38] Innula Zenovka i did
[11:38] Counter Landfall cool, but is that strategic Sissy?
[11:39] Innula Zenovka i noticed there was a lot of tidying up going on, and wondered if this might mean a much-overdue update was likely to happen
[11:39] Huntress Catteneo It it is to be an arrival point it needs to be like a starting into the world help spot, but with adult specific material available and a more festive welcoming look
[11:39] Sissy Blitz Yes Counter art built second life
[11:39] Temperance Hax artmaze was awesome
[11:39] Viale Linden Innula - please address this at the Community tools user group
[11:39] Sissy Blitz I was removed from the art maze
[11:40] StarSong Bright StarSong Bright would like to see the Zexpo and Zinda sim address "adult content in sl" more and not just the adult continent. A great deal of SL's adult content is on estates, not mainland, due to issues of lag and control and whatnot. I would like to see the scope visibily widened to includ "all adult content in sl". I am fairly new to these meetings, but clearly LL leadership is needed in the current Zexpo group and in giving the necessary rights to the EXISTING programs underway. Putting them all off until september is a disservice to all IMHO.

[11:40] Couldbe ok, so adult specific questions now have to be addressed to the specific user group? we no longer have a single point of contact?
[11:40] JeZeBeLe Dagger zindra has been zindra for over two years. Name doesnt change the content. The fact is businesses are failing in Zindra, people are moving back to Mature land to sell their wares and make more money on the marketplaces. ADFARMS being on the roof tops of buildings in Zindra causes a decline in Zindra activity as well. People do not tend to gather at those places. You can tell on the map where people gather. Having a vistor counter. I have not seen an increase in population on my zindra land. I've seen the land aruond my parcel sell 3 times already. That is a problem.
[11:40] Viale Linden Please no more private ims
[11:40] Innula Zenovka this is the problem, only.. adult content spans so many different topics.. we need an adult content group where we can raise them.. i can't attending three or four different user groups a week
[11:40] Viale Linden I am not a bot
[11:40] Vick Forcella we agree
[11:41] Hypatia Meili so more adult moves back to mature
[11:41] JeZeBeLe Dagger So if Zindra has a delcine LL has a decline... thats fact things go back to govenor linden.
[11:41] Viale Linden Innula - community tools meeting discussed changes to the wiki and kb
[11:41] Hypatia Meili whichis anisue to us on zindra and on othe A sims
[11:41] Couldbe there's more adult on mature than here these days anyway
[11:41] Ginette Pinazzo you think it woudl reduce stress if these AUCUG metsg split back int6o 2 sepaaretr ones as before: one for Zindra stuf and one for adult content stuff? woudl that help or hurt?
[11:42] Viale Linden You guys can do that and report back here
[11:42] Couldbe so you are determined that this meeting is no longer about adult content issues and is solely to be around promoting zindra?
[11:42] Innula Zenovka so are you saying, only, that topics relating to adult content AND something else need to go to the something else group?
[11:42] Hypatia Meili blondinuse to also have general comuites meeting on his plot
[11:43] JeZeBeLe Dagger that was the problem from Day one Couldbe. zindra isnt being promoted. Entertainment groups outside of Zindra are being imported in grid to promote those bands not the businesses, or arts already existing in world.
[11:43] Counter Landfall I think we can say Blondin's format was not always helpful
[11:43] Counter Landfall most of the time went to dodge issues he could not answer
[11:43] Qie there are hundreds of reasons that we need a Land / Mainland / LDPW user group, desperately. Zindra is just one such reason.
[11:43] Ginette Pinazzo Blondin's format made progress out of chaos....success should eb bilt upon
[11:44] Ginette Pinazzo Soemtrimes I think breaking this meeting into 2 again woudl help
[11:44] Dancer Greenfield It was Blondin's idea to combine Zindra issues and general Adult issues into one meeting, I didn't like that but I went along with it
[11:44] Hypatia Meili just saying ther are les actul meetings
[11:44] BBQBill Odriscoll I agree on both points Gina
[11:44] Ginette Pinazzo because the dynamics are so diffeernt
[11:44] Couldbe blondin delivered very little to resolving adult content issues - even amanda made more headway in her two weeks in the chair
[11:44] BBQBill Odriscoll Yes
[11:44] Hypatia Meili he stil held is general one
[11:44] Vick Forcella I adodred Amanda her approach
[11:44] Hypatia Meili maybe it should be 2 back to back ones here then interrelated
[11:45] BBQBill Odriscoll More focus on those issues would help Couldbe
[11:45] Ginette Pinazzo I am curious how Viale feels about 1 meeting turning into 2...haha
[11:45] Hypatia Meili or just longer
[11:45] Viale Linden any more questions? appears agenda items are answered
[11:45] Couldbe originally the meetings were adult content and zindra because that's all there was! for the first few months it was only those of us with businesses who were forced to come here or change our estates to adult that were the target group
[11:45] Zan lols
[11:45] Counter Landfall it is pretty useless for the adult content interested to sit and micro manage Zindra issues in the same meeting
[11:45] Janicka Engineer yes I would like
[11:45] Ginette Pinazzo Viale...there is one small issue on the agenda not addressed
[11:45] Janicka Engineer and wait for place
[11:45] Janicka Engineer :)
[11:45] Zada Bury But .... depart it back in 2 meetings ... would be part of LL. It will need at least 1 from LL-staff for 1 hour for an other meeting.
[11:45] Viale Linden Ginette - please
[11:46] Counter Landfall I would have a general adult content meeting where we can discuss strategic and overall marketing issues
[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo ok Viale.....
[11:46] JeZeBeLe Dagger We discussed that GInette. Blondin said he would have 2 meetings because we complained mOndays are discrimintory against people who can not attend or vote on Mondays. Not everyone who wants to be involved are being in volved because people are too hard headed to get the reality check that Zindra represents over 300 sims
[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo Do you have feedback or decision on the 'Better ACUG meetings' proposal from last week? (relating to improving the meeting format with the chair and agenda and adding some professional tweaks). You seemed to indicate youd be thinking it over.
[11:46] Couldbe and adult content represents around 4,000 iirc
[11:47] Viale Linden I need to wait on that approach. As I would like to learn more about the attendees and maybe add some
[11:47] Couldbe although I think the number declined last week - unsurprisingly
[11:47] Counter Landfall there are about 2300 adult sims including Zindra with 343
[11:47] Vick Forcella Drop by anytime viale
[11:47] Viale Linden is anyone here a private region holder for adult
[11:47] Qie no, Couldbe, adult was up, at least as a percentage of sims, and has been increasing steadily, IIRC
[11:47] Ginette Pinazzo ok do you want handle the out of control agenda wiki?
[11:47] JeZeBeLe Dagger Monday meetings can not possibly represent 2643 sims. thats silly.
[11:47] Qie it's G that's tanking, fast.
[11:47] Janicka Engineer yes me
[11:47] BBQBill Odriscoll Viale- Question when you get a moment Viale
[11:48] Hypatia Meili im wonderin how many off zindra are even aware of the meeting
[11:48] Viale Linden or Janiacka - what is your region?
[11:48] Huntress Catteneo I have an adult private sim
[11:48] Couldbe I stand corrected Adult rated regions grew by 16 to 2659 whilst General rated fell by 21 to 4807. Adult rated now 8.5% of the grid, whilst General rated are 15.4%.
[11:48] Janicka Engineer Mistress
[11:48] Janicka Engineer I am one of rental group owners
[11:48] Counter Landfall not 3643 sims Jez, but issues pertainint to adult content in those sims can
[11:48] Ginette Pinazzo Star owns estates not on Zindra..right, Star?
[11:48] Counter Landfall Zindra has its own issues they will not want to be involved in
[11:48] StarSong Bright yes i have a dozen sims, about half have adult content, the rest are residential
[11:48] Zan agrees Counter
[11:48] Innula Zenovka Estate - Adult: 2284 + Linden - Adult: 348 according to Tyche's latest survey
[11:48] Hypatia Meili but cant be ignored either
[11:48] JeZeBeLe Dagger whats pertinant counter is they do not have representation here. They did not vote on who will be the leadersship either.
[11:49] Viale Linden woudl it be fair to say 95% of you are mainland zindra concerns?
[11:49] Hypatia Meili itily this meetinwaqs zindra comnuity
[11:49] Ginette Pinazzo Star to me represenst an important ownersd who feel Zindra IS connected to tgheirr interests
[11:49] Zan Mainland is not related to Private estates
[11:49] Hypatia Meili i suport all adult content tho
[11:49] Counter Landfall ZA has suggested of r along time an adult section in the forusm where thse things also can be discussed
[11:49] Zan I hold several Zindra sims
[11:49] Vick Forcella We are mainland, wit some minor exceptions
[11:49] StarSong Bright but zindra is adult content, its not all about being mainland or not
[11:49] Qie viale, probably accurate, but that may not be what this meeting *should* be about.
[11:49] Counter Landfall that will be more fluid I think
[11:49] Hypatia Meili and manyisues are genral adult issues
[11:49] Ginette Pinazzo mainldn IS related becsuee of marketing/promotion
[11:49] Viale Linden Ok - we may need to recuit some region holders too
[11:49] Hypatia Meili i have off zindra adult issues too
[11:50] Viale Linden would like to broaden the scope
[11:50] Viale Linden I will look into this
[11:50] Couldbe mainland is mainland - there used to be a group dedicated to mainland issues an that's where all issues with the zindra mainland should be addressed
[11:50] Counter Landfall issues like visibility in search, events, on signup pages etc etc are general
[11:50] Counter Landfall and can be discussed as such
[11:50] Huntress Catteneo I would not say 95% here are just mainland
[11:50] Hypatia Meili i am manger at amjor adult club and we are tired of adult clubs in mature competeing
[11:50] Viale Linden I would like to move away from mainland issue only
[11:50] Zan Adult content = aduilt regions
[11:50] Vick Forcella Viale, I think it's to soon for private to participate on these meetings
[11:51] Ginette Pinazzo (did we get a response abt breaking back into 2 meetings or not? I missed it maybe)
[11:51] Counter Landfall sounds good Viale
[11:51] Zan Zindra needs it's own treatment
[11:51] Couldbe adult content = land, advertising, visibility, marketplace, search, verification
[11:51] Couldbe amongst others
[11:51] StarSong Bright StarSong Bright volunteers to give Viale a tour of some of the adult content to be found out in the estates. :-)

[11:51] Zan mainland can not be compared to private estates in many ways
[11:51] Viale Linden one meeting and if we cannot be productive. We will need to review the purpoose of this meeting
[11:51] JeZeBeLe Dagger ACES is a network cooperative, 15 private sims involved, 2000 members 80 educators. All focused on adult education linked to the freedom Continent Network another 20 sims registered as adult content. We haven't needed zindra expo or alliance to be successful. Being cross cultural we've done it without that co dependancy. I notice that what what the few think really doesnt represent the whole due to the whole not having the voice.
[11:52] Vick Forcella We have common interests, adult verification and promotion
[11:52] Viale Linden As you know - 1 hour for everyone is very expensive and we should not waste time
[11:52] Hypatia Meili a lot of that was adressed first by zindar at zindra meetings tho
[11:52] BBQBill Odriscoll Question
[11:52] Ginette Pinazzo actually, Zindra topics dotn really take up the whoel meeting...often just half.........its not just the subject matter...its the WAY its handled thats the difference....Zindar topics have largeky been a matter of postive proposals.......Adult Conent topics ar eles prtoposals and more just be honest
[11:52] Viale Linden I may reach out to more productive members for more discussion that aligns with the goals mentioned above
[11:52] Hypatia Meili its th arguing that takes time :(
[11:53] Huntress Catteneo At the moment I have seen a lot of argument on everything except one, that something needs to be done to make the Vortex workable, it is owned by LL and not a group etc, noone can do anything there except wait for it to blow up
[11:53] Viale Linden 5 minutes - any last min questions?
[11:53] Vick Forcella IM me viale, or e-mail
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo Viale..can vortex staff meet with you 1v1 during week to develop quick solutions to their immeduate needs?
[11:53] Hypatia Meili ihad coment onsomethin els you said Vale
[11:53] Janicka Engineer I still wait for space on my question
[11:53] Counter Landfall are you now our primary contact Viale?
[11:53] Viale Linden Vic - try this email
[11:53] Hypatia Meili LL keeps pushing facebook, are you aware that leave user two choices, Link RL identity or violate facebook TOS
[11:53] Temperance Hax Yes vortex adult sandbox, the helpers cant return objects, can t hat be addressed please?
[11:54] Vick Forcella Viale, ask Lexi... :)
[11:54] Viale Linden We cannot promote Adult via Facbook
[11:54] Huntress Catteneo or eject abusers
[11:54] Dancer Greenfield What are the Facebook TOS problems?
[11:54] Couldbe you could if you wanted to
[11:54] Vick Forcella We can promote naughty :)
[11:54] Huntress Catteneo facebook must have rl names
[11:54] Hypatia Meili neds tobe real personwith real doienty , = use yor RL name
[11:54] Counter Landfall sigh, it can be done on FB without Linden Lab
[11:54] Viale Linden Cearte a facebook page
[11:54] Hypatia Meili identy
[11:55] Couldbe have you made sure that your page cannot be accessed by those under 16? otherwise you are probably in breach of the facebook tos
[11:55] Innula Zenovka where would it be appropriate to raise questions about the sort-of-brokeness of age verification for a lot of people, only?
[11:55] Viale Linden However, it cannot promote adult content
[11:55] Counter Landfall understood Viale
[11:55] BBQBill Odriscoll Question Viale
[11:55] Viale Linden shoot Innula
[11:55] Vick Forcella Promote all aspects of Second Life
[11:55] Vick Forcella include *naughty*..
[11:55] StarSong Bright personally i will *not* connect my sl adult activities and rl identity.... too easy for it to bite you in the tuckus when future employers or grandma go googling you...... its really not a good option for adult content.
[11:55] Temperance Hax In the past people have lost their rl jobs due to being identified as adult content users via hasty facebook links to SL
[11:55] Dancer Greenfield My Facebook page is in my real name, no "avatar page" for me :)
[11:56] Viale Linden I want to talk ways to promote adult next week and elevate this dicussiion
[11:56] Innula Zenovka well, i hadn't really prepared anything.. more noting that it's a general complaint in the forums that people can't get age verification to work
[11:56] Counter Landfall sounds good
[11:56] Innula Zenovka and i wondered what, if anything, was happening on that front
[11:56] Slaton Linden Couldbe, no we cannot promote adult using FB. It's clearly against their ToS
[11:56] Vick Forcella Viale, request, clean up the agenda pls
[11:56] Counter Landfall shall we submit input in advnace to the agenda?
[11:56] Innula Zenovka and also, for non-US users, i wondered if Dragonfish could help
[11:56] Couldbe you could - what they classify as adult is very limited
[11:56] Innula Zenovka since they have to get age verification to work, as a matter of law, for the their gambling stuff
[11:57] Couldbe and you didn't answer my question about whether you've locked it down or not
[11:57] Hypatia Meili fine for you Kaleu, but not many others
[11:57] Innula Zenovka so they must have an idea about how to verify the ages of non-US residents
[11:57] Viale Linden Thanks - Innula. we will look into that
[11:57] Counter Landfall shall we submit input in advnace to the agenda for next week?
[11:57] Hypatia Meili i hope elvis can no longer verify
[11:57] Huntress Catteneo mmm non US, Aussie here, and it is now 4.30am yay love these meeting times but shows how important to us, I know I am not the only aussie here right now
[11:58] Vick Forcella I request more info about Zindra and adult verification info at the noob hubs
[11:58] Innula Zenovka will you follow up at a subsequent meeting, only?
[11:58] Ginette Pinazzo I have to say one thing abt the agenda itself before we part! its key
[11:58] Couldbe elvis can't apparently - you need to try another dead entertainer these days
[11:58] Viale Linden we are clearing the messy wiki agenda and you can submit new one
[11:58] Temperance Hax 4.30 AM for me, also
[11:58] Counter Landfall ok, thanks
[11:58] Zada Bury Any "homework" we should do until next week?
[11:58] Vick Forcella Great Viale, we thing you rock!
[11:58] Viale Linden The 2 i am interested in are 1) promotion tools, 2) Zidnra Sim solution
[11:58] Ginette Pinazzo great. everyone please remember to put your name on agedna items and dont 'bump' anyone
[11:59] Slaton Linden We'll review new agenda items and then let you know what will be included by the end of this week
[11:59] Viale Linden links like Ginette would be helpfu;
[11:59] Counter Landfall great
[11:59] Innula Zenovka promotion of what.. zindra or of adult content in general?
[11:59] Couldbe a new column that indicates the date first raised would be good - one of the things about that page is that items drag on for years and never get resolved
[11:59] Counter Landfall we have good ideas on the table
[11:59] Viale Linden Notecards inworld are not helpful
[11:59] Vick Forcella There is only promoion of Second Life
[11:59] Viale Linden Thanks everyone for your time today.
[11:59] Zada Bury We have to thank you.
[11:59] Vick Forcella You quick Viale, wow :)
[12:00] Counter Landfall so where do we submit input if not on notecards?
[12:00] Viale Linden I think we are on the road to productive dialogue
[12:00] Vick Forcella e-mail
[12:00] Dancer Greenfield Thank you too
[12:00] Counter Landfall which email address?
[12:00] Zada Bury *gives the feather-bag some coffee* Slaton ... awake?
[12:00] Counter Landfall the community one?
[12:00] Vick Forcella community@
[12:00] Huntress Catteneo please please do not forget Vortex again, my negotiation skills are good, but eventually the miscreants will realise we are all toothless tigers
[12:00] Slaton Linden Counter - email
[12:00] Viale Linden Bye
[12:00] Counter Landfall bye
[12:00] Vick Forcella TC Viale, SLanton!
[12:00] Qie thanks Viale, Slaton
[12:00] Vick Forcella Beer anyone?
[12:00] Temperance Hax what d ecision was made about the vortex sandbox?