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Event: collision_end( integer num_detected ){ ; }

Triggered when task stops colliding with another task

• integer num_detected


  • This event does not always trigger reliably.
  • Phantom objects can never receive trigger collision events.
  • llVolumeDetect(TRUE) objects get trigger collision_start and collision_end but not collision() events.
  • A collision with a hovering avatar does not trigger collisions, unless the avatar turns or moves.
  • Only a physical object will get collision events from colliding with a non-physical object.
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collision_end(integer total_number)
    llOwnerSay("The collision I've had with " + llDetectedName(0) + "has ended.");

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   Add enumeration to llPassCollisions() to provide PASS_ALWAYS, PASS_IF_NOT_HANDLED, and PASS_NEVER as explicit options.
(Was: Collisions passed to parent REGARDLESS llPassCollisions(FALSE) in child)


event void collision_end( integer num_detected );