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Transcript for Thursday April 28, 2011

[12:59] Rand (rand.linden) Howdy!
[12:59] Amanda Linden welcome all!
[12:59] DogWomble Dollinger hey rand
[13:00] DogWomble Dollinger and howdy amanda
[13:00] Youri Ashton finally rand, took you long enough ^_~ hehe
[13:00] Amanda Linden agenda here if you want to take a peek/add anything.
[13:00] Amanda Linden
[13:00] Argus Collingwood click chair to change pose
[13:00] Eddi Decosta Hey lexie! :)
[13:00] Lexie (lexie.linden) Hi!
[13:00] Youri Ashton hey lexie ^_^
[13:01] Torben (torben.trautman) hi Lexie
[13:01] Peewee Musytari Halllooooo Lexie :)
[13:01] Youri Ashton think we better wait till everyone rezzes amanda :p
[13:01] Youri Ashton im sure a lot will come in still :)
[13:01] Attica Bekkers sorry
[13:01] Amanda Linden sure thing. we'll get started in a min or two.
[13:02] Marianne McCann Hiya
[13:02] Argus Collingwood *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*Ohh Haiii!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*
[13:03] Argus Collingwood Mari that chair is better for smaller avi
[13:03] Amanda Linden ok, we ready to get going?
[13:03] Marianne McCann Right now, that chair doesn't exist on my screen
[13:04] Marianne McCann /me giggles
[13:04] DogWomble Dollinger i am :)
[13:04] Argus Collingwood lol
[13:04] Amanda Linden thanks all for joining!
[13:04] Amanda Linden here's the agenda.
[13:04] Youri Ashton i think so amanda
[13:04] Amanda Linden
[13:04] Jeremy Linden Heh. I picked up some cool sculpty chairs for this space, but they don't seem to like to render very well.
[13:04] Youri Ashton /me pokes jeremy
[13:04] Amanda Linden first updates and then i'm hoping we can dig deeper on our new resi discussion. was amazing from last week.
[13:04] Marianne McCann /me nods
[13:04] Peewee Musytari heya jeremy
[13:04] Amanda Linden so with that, updates from raymond/lexie...
[13:05] Eddi Decosta /me poke Jeremy (loll)
[13:05] Amanda Linden or lexie. :)
[13:05] Lexie (lexie.linden) hehe
[13:05] Jeremy Linden Yikes! Don't poke me, poke my bear :-D
[13:05] Youri Ashton lol
[13:05] Lexie (lexie.linden) UI Updates are still in progress. Stay tuned for more info on those as they complete
[13:05] DogWomble Dollinger did someone say bear?
[13:05] Youri Ashton /me pokes jeremy again ^_^
[13:05] Lexie (lexie.linden) Also..
[13:05] Dresden Ceriano /me is good at poking bears
[13:05] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:05] Eddi Decosta oh its the risk of your work jeremy :p
[13:06] Lexie (lexie.linden) We renamed the Identity and Relationships board to Lifestyles and Relationships. Its better right?
[13:06] Jeremy Linden Maybe, but I don't squeak when I get poked. My bear does!
[13:06] Dresden Ceriano i think so
[13:06] Darrius Gothly Yes .. I like it.
[13:06] Peewee Musytari yes much better
[13:06] Amanda Linden anything else lexie?
[13:06] Marianne McCann Definitely better
[13:06] Lexie (lexie.linden) We also cleaned up the Community feedback board so it is focused on just the Answers, Blogs and Forums
[13:07] Lexie (lexie.linden) One more quick item of interest
[13:07] bob Iwashi sorry, major crash
[13:07] Lexie (lexie.linden) The RHN..Resident Help network
[13:07] Lexie (lexie.linden) is going to become much more active in the not too distant future
[13:07] Lisa Fossett /me likes hearing that.
[13:07] DogWomble Dollinger *bookmarks said link*
[13:08] Amanda Linden wot
[13:08] Lexie (lexie.linden) You may want to read up on it if it is new to you ㋡
[13:08] Amanda Linden wooot
[13:08] Peewee Musytari kewl
[13:08] Lexie (lexie.linden) Thats it for now!
[13:08] Dresden Ceriano nice
[13:08] Daniel Voyager awesome!
[13:08] Marianne McCann As a RHN member, that's great
[13:08] Marianne McCann /me grins
[13:08] Amanda Linden ossm, thanks lexie.
[13:08] Lexie (lexie.linden)
[13:08] Youri Ashton hmm... well helping out new people, thats kinda what i do with the virtual ability thing. mostly students and people with disabilities then though
[13:08] Amanda Linden ok, rand/jeremy--your updates...
[13:08] Marianne McCann Was worried we were all out t'pasture
[13:08] Rand (rand.linden) We are working with Lithium to resolve some lingering issues with HTML editing that affects community translators.
[13:09] bob Iwashi /me lookas at jeremy, looking for the flowers?
[13:09] Rand (rand.linden) Jeremy is hard at work updating and improvig KB articles
[13:09] Rand (rand.linden) Also working on moving a handful of articles over from the SL wiki, and we've got an ongoing project to
[13:09] Lexie (lexie.linden) (yay for community translators!)
[13:09] Rand (rand.linden) Yes, happy to report that the CT program is back in action!
[13:09] Jeremy Linden Yep! Thank you for the feedback, all of you who have found issues in existing articles.
[13:10] Rand (rand.linden) ...and that is about it from me....
[13:10] Amanda Linden ossm.
[13:10] Amanda Linden anything else jeremy?
[13:10] Peewee Musytari the bouncy boobs page of KB says its still in beta andnot released yet but is only line at the top
[13:10] Youri Ashton french, german and spanish translator teams you mean lexie, rest isnt doing much due lack of work at this time :(
[13:10] Amanda Linden ah, good catch peewee.
[13:10] Jeremy Linden Nope! Just keep up the good work, and don't be afraid to comment on KB articles when you think something needs to be chaned or corrected :-)
[13:10] Amanda Linden ossm.
[13:11] Amanda Linden one more thing on the wiki clean up....
[13:11] Amanda Linden since most of the folks here are in teh wiki pretty regularly.
[13:11] Amanda Linden if you see pages that you think need updating and/or you think might not be relevant anymore--email me links and we'll have a look.
[13:11] Amanda Linden
[13:11] Lisa Fossett oooo, great
[13:11] Peewee Musytari kk
[13:11] Amanda Linden whatever you can do to help us would be soooooo appreciated.
[13:11] Marianne McCann cool...
[13:12] Amanda Linden bless you!
[13:12] bob Iwashi /me subscribes amanda to gardener'sa weekly
[13:12] Amanda Linden ha bob
[13:12] Lisa Fossett Is it safe now to update our own RHN page, or is that subject to revision?
[13:12] Amanda Linden ossm, thanks all.
[13:12] DogWomble Dollinger if i were going to be mean, i wouldn't stop at garderners weekly
[13:12] DogWomble Dollinger :P
[13:12] Lexie (lexie.linden) Lisa, it is ok to update as needed
[13:12] DogWomble Dollinger luckily i wouldn't do that, at least not to amanda
[13:12] Lisa Fossett Thanks :)
[13:12] Jeremy Linden The wiki is a wiki; if the page is not protected, you are allowed to edit it (within the editing guidelines, of course)
[13:12] Amanda Linden absolutely. the beauty of the wiki
[13:13] Peewee Musytari heya raymond...ur late u get detention
[13:13] Lexie (lexie.linden) Hi Raymond ㋡
[13:13] Amanda Linden thanks all--really appreciated.
[13:13] Amanda Linden hey raymond. welcome.
[13:13] Youri Ashton hey raymond
[13:13] DogWomble Dollinger hey yraymond
[13:13] Amanda Linden any blog/forum updates from you?
[13:13] Youri Ashton (ugh, havig hugelag spikes here :( )
[13:13] DogWomble Dollinger peewee - should we send him to detention or cornfield? :P
[13:13] Raymond Linden Haha - Hi All
[13:13] Peewee Musytari hehe
[13:13] Raymond Linden Sorry for being late
[13:13] Darrius Gothly Howdy Raymond.
[13:13] oobscure (opensource.obscure) :)
[13:13] Amanda Linden np
[13:13] Peewee Musytari where`s the new smileys?
[13:13] Peewee Musytari week is up
[13:13] Marianne McCann He needs to rez a "I'm sorry for being late" texture 100 times
[13:14] Youri Ashton hey lisa ^_^
[13:14] Darrius Gothly Ahhh yes ... Smileys.
[13:14] DogWomble Dollinger Yes! YEEESSSS!!!
[13:14] DogWomble Dollinger hahaha marianne, problem is that's too easily scripted
[13:14] Lexie (lexie.linden) Smilies are in progress
[13:14] Youri Ashton kom erbij joh ^_^
[13:14] Raymond Linden Updates from me . . .well, we are hoping to push out some changes tonight. But, I cannot yet confirm they will go out this evening
[13:14] bob Iwashi greetings
[13:14] Peewee Musytari do they have smileys raymond?
[13:14] Peewee Musytari hehe
[13:14] Raymond Linden If they do not go out tonight, then next Tuesday night will be the new target date
[13:15] Raymond Linden Peewee - yes! Well, that is the aim!
[13:15] Peewee Musytari woots
[13:15] Amanda Linden what changes are going out?
[13:15] Raymond Linden Lots of little UI changes
[13:15] DogWomble Dollinger *inserts to-be-added smileys*
[13:15] Raymond Linden Some of the lighter font colors will be darker
[13:15] Lexie (lexie.linden) easier to read
[13:15] Attica Bekkers right and left clear for better immersion?
[13:15] Raymond Linden Some new smileys
[13:15] Peewee Musytari hope there is a really confused one specially for Answers as thats not fixed yet lol
[13:15] Darrius Gothly <-- blue gooed
[13:15] Raymond Linden Reply button at the bottom of threads
[13:16] Raymond Linden Removal of Answers comments
[13:16] Amanda Linden woot!
[13:16] Lisa Fossett yay
[13:16] Peewee Musytari ooh tonight?
[13:16] Peewee Musytari \o/ "YAYYYY!!!"
[13:16] Peewee Musytari ||
[13:16] Peewee Musytari _/\_
[13:16] Raymond Linden I was hoping I would have an answer for you by this meeting about tonight, but it is still tbd
[13:17] Youri Ashton what was the question then raymond?
[13:17] Peewee Musytari will be great if comments get zapped tonight...wtg :)
[13:17] Lexie (lexie.linden) : ))
[13:17] DogWomble Dollinger 42?
[13:17] Raymond Linden Youri - whether the UI changes will be rolled out tonight or Tuesday
[13:17] bob Iwashi /me respectfully asks if raymond has an update?
[13:18] Lexie (lexie.linden) ohh dont foret the quick links Raymond
[13:18] Lexie (lexie.linden) forget*
[13:18] Raymond Linden Oh yes
[13:18] Raymond Linden Did you all see the new Quick Links in the side nav?
[13:18] Darrius Gothly Not yet.
[13:18] Raymond Linden Are you using them?
[13:18] Dresden Ceriano very nice
[13:18] Youri Ashton ramond, shouldn't that wait till tuesday? I mean, the viewer just had a update. it isn't good to update yet again in such a short time.
[13:18] Lexie (lexie.linden) They should be handy to quickly get to different views
[13:19] Youri Ashton in those few extra days you can always check for possible flaws :)
[13:19] Dresden Ceriano soooo much better to be able to navigate the forums now
[13:19] Lexie (lexie.linden) Yay!
[13:19] Amanda Linden ossm.
[13:19] Raymond Linden Hey Youri - the Viewer and Forums are worked on by different teams
[13:19] Youri Ashton (sorry for missing letters and typos, lag is THAT bad for me at this time)
[13:20] bob Iwashi (youri just use the same ecuse as me - 12 hours hift and now it's beer time)
[13:20] Kennylex Luckless Blame lag for typos :-)
[13:20] Amanda Linden :)
[13:20] Raymond Linden Dresden - glad to hear you like the new Quick Links!
[13:20] Amanda Linden ok, think that's it for Linden updates....
[13:20] Amanda Linden last call.
[13:20] Youri Ashton raymond, i know. still that doesnt mean many residents will know :p
[13:20] DogWomble Dollinger i'd blame the typo sex fiaries, but it's only a g-rated sim here
[13:20] bob Iwashi yuck
[13:20] Darrius Gothly That's the "Recently Created" section?
[13:20] Lexie (lexie.linden) yes
[13:20] bob Iwashi i jsut blocked off 1/4 of a sim as it;s pg rated
[13:20] Raymond Linden yup
[13:20] bob Iwashi wonderful :(
[13:20] Youri Ashton bob, i dont drink any type of alcohol ;)
[13:21] Amanda Linden ok, think it would be good to get to the questions from you guys on the agenda before diving into the contiuation of our new resi brainstorm.
[13:21] Amanda Linden sound like a plan?
[13:21] bob Iwashi amanda, can i have a link to the agenda? i kinda crashed at the start
[13:21] Venus Petrov sure
[13:21] Lisa Fossett nods
[13:21] Amanda Linden
[13:21] Youri Ashton
[13:21] Amanda Linden ok
[13:21] Youri Ashton lol
[13:22] Amanda Linden so, posts/threads removed without notification issue.
[13:22] Amanda Linden i've asked the mods to notify now when a thread is removed.
[13:22] Venus Petrov well, and a related topic
[13:22] Venus Petrov yes, a couple of the mods posted to clarify
[13:22] Amanda Linden but, sometimes they move threads to a better topic area.
[13:22] Venus Petrov right
[13:22] Amanda Linden if you don't see your thread where it was and you weren't notified, then check search.
[13:22] Argus Collingwood that leavres a trail though
[13:22] bob Iwashi the mods ARE lindens, not scouts?
[13:22] Amanda Linden it should pop up.
[13:22] DogWomble Dollinger amanda, is it worth getting them to notify yo uas well, perhaps for a week or so?
[13:22] Peewee Musytari 2 mods posted some good info on that thread...Genn particularly was very helpful
[13:22] DogWomble Dollinger that way things can be cross referenced
[13:22] Darrius Gothly I do like the new "Moved" placemarker .. and Lexie? I like that you left a post pointing out why a thread was moved too. Well done.
[13:22] Venus Petrov the issue was more around removal of posts where there has been no Standard violated
[13:23] Lexie (lexie.linden) Yes Bob
[13:23] bob Iwashi thanks lexie
[13:23] Amanda Linden thanks, i've also asked for mods to step in more and add clarity....
[13:23] Amanda Linden glad that you guys ahve noticed.
[13:23] Amanda Linden and that it's helpful.
[13:23] Lexie (lexie.linden) yw Darrius !
[13:23] Venus Petrov for example, a post is RIC'ed by four people..but does not violate any standard
[13:23] Venus Petrov then it's removed and the poster is not told
[13:23] Peewee Musytari genn said we can PM then to ask about specific posts if we are confused why they went, which is cool
[13:23] Venus Petrov why remove it?
[13:23] Venus Petrov no standard violated
[13:24] Amanda Linden sometimes a thread is removed because it does violate a standard and it's under review.
[13:24] Venus Petrov there are others who read the same thing and do not RIC it
[13:24] Darrius Gothly Speaking in specifics Venus .. or hypotheticals?
[13:24] Amanda Linden or someone put in an abuse report about it.
[13:24] Venus Petrov that's different, if it does violate
[13:24] Amanda Linden mods don't remove threads unless there's a good eason.
[13:24] Amanda Linden reason
[13:24] Venus Petrov reason v standard violation?
[13:24] Amanda Linden asking me venus?
[13:25] Venus Petrov laughs
[13:25] Venus Petrov yes
[13:25] Amanda Linden unless there's a violation.... :)
[13:25] Venus Petrov i don't understand why something is taken away when it violates no standard
[13:25] Amanda Linden most of the time it's moved vs. removed.
[13:25] Amanda Linden they don't remove too much.
[13:25] Peewee Musytari it was a comment katy made amanda...she said if the post isn`t bad but someone has reported it it gets pulled to make the reporter happy and the poster doesn`t get told off
[13:25] Attica Bekkers canwe go back to traditional forum style which has improved through decades of stress testing?
[13:25] Venus Petrov i don't understand why they are removed at all lol
[13:25] Lexie (lexie.linden) Katy clarified that statement
[13:26] Darrius Gothly People with strong opinions .. and those with clearly visible posting styles often get RIC'd just because of who they are and how they post. I'm sure I've gotten quite a few RICs .. but I never heard about them. So Venus? How do you know why it got pulled .. or how many RIC'd it?
[13:26] Venus Petrov seems like the mods are making more work for themselves
[13:26] Youri Ashton oh amanda reminds me, did gentle heron manage to discuss a meeting yet with you?
[13:26] Amanda Linden sometimes things are moved and then put back....
[13:26] bob Iwashi i'd like to see us go back to hte old style that worked, rather than the ridiculous ideas that we're seeing lately
[13:26] Amanda Linden haven't heard from gentle youri.
[13:26] bob Iwashi go back o waqht makd sl stand out from the competition
[13:26] Venus Petrov I do not know how many..exact number...i requested clarification
[13:26] bob Iwashi what made sl stand out*
[13:26] Venus Petrov it did not violate a standard
[13:26] Venus Petrov but was whacked lol
[13:26] Youri Ashton hmm... she said she would, i guess it slipped her mind then o_0
[13:27] Amanda Linden np.
[13:27] Peewee Musytari I agree lexie..genn clairified it to not sound as bad as katy had said it
[13:27] Amanda Linden :)
[13:27] Attica Bekkers being unabl get community help becaus eof ill functioning blogs is not good, lok at zynga they use the old fashioned forums
[13:27] Darrius Gothly My point though is .. we don't know and often don't agree that a post we wrote IS in violation. I know I think I write perfect posts .. but even so I've gotten chewed on a few times.
[13:27] bob Iwashi question for amanda and lexie: why don;t we seethe lindens in general appearing inworld anymore? used to be great just seeing you guys wander in at random
[13:27] bob Iwashi hanging/chilling with the residents
[13:28] Eddi Decosta bob, the olds styls are past, you need tome week of adaptation but all thig need to update for better use .. *well honestley i hate the jira but i have no choice ti use it* lol
[13:28] Amanda Linden i hear you darrius & others.
[13:28] Youri Ashton bob, you scared them into hiding ;)
[13:28] Amanda Linden i'll connect with the mods on it and see if we can improve the system. :)
[13:28] Eddi Decosta tome, = some* :)
[13:28] Amanda Linden and, lindens inworld....
[13:28] Amanda Linden we work in SL, so we're here all the time.
[13:28] Venus Petrov I sought clarification on a thread I authored that was pulled..awhile ago..i was told there were some RICs on it but it did not violate any standard
[13:28] Eddi Decosta yik sorry my typos :)
[13:28] Venus Petrov so, why pull it?
[13:28] Amanda Linden but, if we want to go into the community, we use our alts so we don't get attention.
[13:28] Amanda Linden so, we're here all the time, but not always visible as a linden.
[13:28] Attica Bekkers good idea
[13:28] Lexie (lexie.linden)
[13:29] Darrius Gothly Ahh .. so Venus, you have a direct experience. Yeah .. that does need clarification.
[13:29] Peewee Musytari ninja lindens
[13:29] Amanda Linden well, venus--if it was pulled, then it did violate.
[13:29] Venus Petrov i was told it did not violate
[13:29] DogWomble Dollinger hehehe *organises a ninja-linden alt party*
[13:29] Amanda Linden but, let me dig in a bit more qith mods and get back to you.
[13:29] Kennylex Luckless Lindens are by nature shy.
[13:29] Venus Petrov it was pulled because of 'sensitive people'
[13:29] Darrius Gothly Did you save the IM Venus?
[13:29] Venus Petrov nope
[13:29] Jeremy Linden If you know who the ninja Lindens are, they're not ninja Lindens.
[13:29] Venus Petrov I am just concerned about 'sensitive people' getting things pulled
[13:29] Darrius Gothly Rats .. would help Amanda and Lexie find the exact cause and post.
[13:30] Venus Petrov even though no standard is violated
[13:30] Peewee Musytari lol jeremy
[13:30] Youri Ashton amanda: think he meant why he didn't see any linden's just hang out at pulbic places anymore
[13:30] Lexie (lexie.linden) Venus, was it due to a response in a thread that had mostly questionable or violating content? In some cases it would not make sense to leave a few replies behind.
[13:30] Amanda Linden i understand venus.
[13:30] Venus Petrov there are others not so sensitive that do not RIC
[13:30] Youri Ashton YAY!! SIM LAG!!
[13:30] Eddi Decosta youri sime lag? lol
[13:30] Youri Ashton really have a bad time with sl at this moment for some reason
[13:30] Venus Petrov I do not know what the questions might have been
[13:30] Attica Bekkers whenwillmessage son the login screen be returned?
[13:30] Attica Bekkers sow e can see whats happening?
[13:30] Venus Petrov i was told no standard was violated, some RIC'ed it, it was yanked.
[13:30] bob Iwashi no amanda, you're not - that's my point
[13:31] Attica Bekkers withouteffort?
[13:31] Lexie (lexie.linden) hmm ok Venus
[13:31] Attica Bekkers itwa sprmise dtheywould return when they wer epulled, and they never did
[13:31] Venus Petrov So, I just seek clarification on working pracitice
[13:31] Darrius Gothly How long ago did that happen Venus?
[13:31] Amanda Linden li'll investingate. promise. :)
[13:31] Youri Ashton im not the only one i see
[13:31] Venus Petrov a few weeks Darrius
[13:31] Marianne McCann Attica - the MotD? I see those regularly. Or are you referring to the old blog call outs on the login screen?
[13:31] Youri Ashton looks like attica also has similar problems
[13:31] bob Iwashi i reembmer so many times just blundering into you guys in the old days, now most of you are just so "corporate"£ not lindensa anymore
[13:31] Peewee Musytari how many over sensitive people does it take to get a borderline post pulled?.....because we`d never right anything if they are pulled for everyone that gets slightly offended
[13:31] Darrius Gothly Maybe still in the "bad old days" then?
[13:32] Attica Bekkers logins creen old blog ones
[13:32] Venus Petrov that's my point, Peewee, thx
[13:32] bob Iwashi just hanging out, doing random things
[13:32] bob Iwashi lexie, remember joppa?
[13:32] Amanda Linden ultimately, things are pulled due to a violation vs. sensitivity.
[13:32] Lexie (lexie.linden) I do
[13:32] Attica Bekkers the loading ones with "Secret links" get ignored
[13:32] bob Iwashi mr crazy himself?
[13:32] Marianne McCann Ahh... Joppa....
[13:32] Amanda Linden i have an exact case on this right now that i'm looking at
[13:32] bob Iwashi teeple?
[13:32] Amanda Linden folks are talking religion.
[13:32] Jeremy Linden Get to the Joppa!
[13:32] Attica Bekkers inthe old dasy my most non tech friend swouldsee torelys blogs
[13:32] bob Iwashi the cool guys
[13:32] Attica Bekkers anditwas great
[13:32] Amanda Linden and some peopel are offended, but it doesn't violate.
[13:32] Lexie (lexie.linden) I hear what your saying bob.
[13:32] Amanda Linden so it's not going to get pulled.
[13:32] Youri Ashton i thought joppa got fired?
[13:32] bob Iwashi imho - ther wrong lindens got canned
[13:32] Attica Bekkers sucha good way of messaging entire c ommunity
[13:32] Amanda Linden good point attica.
[13:33] Marianne McCann Youri - December 31 2009
[13:33] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Attica the whole blog presentation needs some serious care and attention
[13:33] Venus Petrov good example, Amanda
[13:33] Attica Bekkers itwa spromise dreturn
[13:33] bob Iwashi teh good ones who are left are too damn scared to be seen as the old style
[13:33] Peewee Musytari i think katy said something like...the post may not be bad but if a few people complain it is deemed as "disruptive"
[13:33] Attica Bekkers if for nothing else,thenperhaps for great new tutorials
[13:33] bob Iwashi /me bids you all goodnuight befioer i get on em soapbox
[13:33] Attica Bekkers thisi sthe static loginscreen
[13:33] Lexie (lexie.linden) night bob ㋡
[13:33] Attica Bekkers before yu hit enter and come in
[13:33] Venus Petrov Remove it for standard violation, not feelings hurt
[13:33] Dresden Ceriano i've have posts pull within the pulling of a number of posts where the discussion had gotten heated and off topic... which to me made sense even though I didn't post anything in direct violation
[13:33] Venus Petrov or sensitivity
[13:34] Attica Bekkers it use dot have blogfeeds, everyoen in sl knew whatwa sup
[13:34] bob Iwashi proverbially speaking lexie ;)
[13:34] bob Iwashi gettign a coffee
[13:34] Attica Bekkers yucant even imagine it now, i know, butit was good community feel
[13:34] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Indeed Attica that was a useful feature
[13:34] DogWomble Dollinger can you get me one too bob?
[13:34] Marianne McCann Attica - Me, I wish there was a better method for serving that content inworld
[13:34] Attica Bekkers itwas faithfully promised it would be returned
[13:34] Attica Bekkers and the day, and year
[13:34] Attica Bekkers came and went
[13:34] Attica Bekkers please reconsider?
[13:34] Amanda Linden but, if the discussion goes into something offensive--like anti semitic, etc. then it gets pulled...anyway...the convo has moved on. :)
[13:34] Attica Bekkers ifyudont wanto feed bad stuff, only do tutes and birthdays s
[13:35] Venus Petrov that would be a violation, no?
[13:35] Venus Petrov and would be pulled anyway.
[13:35] Amanda Linden yes
[13:35] Amanda Linden so,, question.
[13:35] Amanda Linden how do we want to use the rest of our time?
[13:35] Marianne McCann /me still has to poke Oz over VWR-2008
[13:35] Amanda Linden dig deeper into new resi discussion or....
[13:35] Dresden Ceriano strippers?
[13:35] DogWomble Dollinger /me votres new resi discussion
[13:35] Amanda Linden i'm starting to work on some brand stuff/messaging.
[13:35] Attica Bekkers marianneif itson the login screen before the passwrod is entered even, everyone sees it, its works perfectly
[13:35] Marianne McCann NUE!
[13:35] Darrius Gothly Amanda .. do the Mods assign any sort of Tracking Number or Case Number when they pull a thread or a post? Maybe that would help tracking in the future?
[13:35] Jeremy Linden Dresden, that'll be pretty sorry in a G region.
[13:36] Amanda Linden would be fun to hear what you guys love about secon dlife--what separates it from the rest o the vw pack.
[13:36] Amanda Linden or, we could talk about sometjing else...
[13:36] DogWomble Dollinger jeremy i do have a PG-rated sex bed :P
[13:36] Dresden Ceriano me too
[13:36] Peewee Musytari did we do the proposal for suport feedback forum?
[13:36] Amanda Linden oh, sorry.
[13:36] Amanda Linden forgott hat one.
[13:36] Marianne McCann There's always the #SLBumpersticker discussion on Twitter
[13:36] Marianne McCann /me grins
[13:36] Venus Petrov not yet Peewee
[13:36] Amanda Linden no support feedback forum.
[13:36] Amanda Linden we just hired a new director of support.
[13:36] Peewee Musytari lol well that was short n sweet
[13:36] Peewee Musytari ty
[13:36] oobscure (opensource.obscure) oh
[13:36] Marianne McCann I missed a lot of the New Resi discussion last week, so I'm keen on that
[13:37] oobscure (opensource.obscure) who's his/her name amanda?
[13:37] Amanda Linden but, i'll bring it up to him/her when they start.
[13:37] Amanda Linden don't know yet. just heard we hired someone.
[13:37] bob Iwashi you did maanda?
[13:37] Peewee Musytari there are some great threads on the subject all in off topic
[13:37] Peewee Musytari they might like to see them
[13:37] Amanda Linden ok, think i hear new resi discussion....
[13:37] Peewee Musytari iin one place
[13:37] bob Iwashi does that mean you will finally get shot of the scouts? and give us back the support we pay for?
[13:37] bob Iwashi ll in general*
[13:37] Youri Ashton just take him in this OH amanda, he may want to experience it as well
[13:37] Amanda Linden can't comment on that bob. :)
[13:38] Dresden Ceriano oh if only
[13:38] bob Iwashi why niot?
[13:38] Amanda Linden not my realm.
[13:38] Amanda Linden ok, new resis
[13:38] bob Iwashi can we have a full answer please? or ask the relevany guy/lass to answer us?
[13:38] Lexie (lexie.linden) Peewee I will look in the Off Topic forums as you suggested
[13:38] Attica Bekkers support neds to be real
[13:38] Lexie (lexie.linden) I know there is some good stuff in there!
[13:38] Darrius Gothly TY Lexie
[13:38] bob Iwashi raymond - can you give us an update please? ref my notecard?
[13:38] Amanda Linden absolutely. glad we brought off topic back.
[13:38] Peewee Musytari some is how fast tickets are done now, its not all complaints :)
[13:39] Amanda Linden sorry guys, we can't discuss support in this meeting...
[13:39] Gib Denver unless ur tkt is about land, then u still wait up to 12 wks :)
[13:39] Amanda Linden well, we can..but we can't really engage in taht discussion.
[13:39] Amanda Linden i vote new resi's
[13:39] Amanda Linden going
[13:39] Amanda Linden going
[13:39] Amanda Linden ok
[13:39] Marianne McCann New Residents!
[13:39] Lexie (lexie.linden) new residents!
[13:39] Marianne McCann Woo!
[13:39] bob Iwashi /me smacks head on hand "please, will somebdoy, linden employere, just give us an upadte on the contunally asked question? please?"
[13:39] Amanda Linden ok, picking up from last time.
[13:39] DogWomble Dollinger /me seconds amanda's vote
[13:39] Amanda Linden where do we wnat to start...
[13:39] Marianne McCann Jinx! You owe me!
[13:40] Amanda Linden dog, you want to start us off?
[13:40] Amanda Linden you've been doing some thinking here this week.
[13:40] Dresden Ceriano do you have an overview of the idea presented last week?
[13:40] Dresden Ceriano ideas*
[13:40] Amanda Linden i haven't put it together yet--my bad.
[13:40] Dresden Ceriano rats
[13:40] Amanda Linden bu tthe transcript is here. starts midway
[13:40] DogWomble Dollinger ok, from the point fo view of new residents, what information and/or resources would you think would be most important or useful?
[13:40] Amanda Linden
[13:41] Marianne McCann Well, there's the obvious orientation (how to walk, sit, chat)
[13:41] DogWomble Dollinger as in, what resources would have been useful when you started thaat might have helped you get into it more quickly?
[13:41] Amanda Linden how do you think orientation island is working.....
[13:41] Amanda Linden (adding question to dogs)
[13:41] Marianne McCann At the hubs, there's always the big three, but thoe are hard to quantify (How do i make money, how do I "do it," and I'm nored, what si there to do)
[13:41] Amanda Linden :)
[13:42] Attica Bekkers newbie helpintheir language,specially with hoew to sit, buy things, fly and change clothes
[13:42] badwitch hello
[13:42] Lisa Fossett Is that a Q for us or a Q to go on the list?
[13:42] Amanda Linden to chat about now...
[13:42] DogWomble Dollinger that's a general question for everyone lisa
[13:42] Youri Ashton amanda, orientation island is a lot less stress now. butnot god in general either, made a new avi last week
[13:42] Marianne McCann the current orientation, I think, is good. The inital island, that is
[13:42] Youri Ashton sorry for typos again <.<
[13:42] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler) For ne residents? How to get support, and how to get Viewer One
[13:42] Lisa Fossett Personally, I think the WI (the private ones where everyone lands) are incomplete
[13:43] Attica Bekkers yes they need viewer one fast, o r they willneve rstay online long
[13:43] Marianne McCann But I think past the initial orientation, it quickly falls apart
[13:43] Amanda Linden yeah, agree mari
[13:43] Amanda Linden dog asked a good q earlier....
[13:43] Lisa Fossett And, when they get to the end, with their choices, those who don't already know what SL is and what they want are lost
[13:43] Amanda Linden (thanks for your take on WI)
[13:43] Ashiri Sands Explaining the difference between Basic and Advanced modes, and how to switch.
[13:43] Youri Ashton the orientation island covers only the basics, nothing more besides that there at this time. it might be usefull for some people to have a place that is adding extra information for those that want that
[13:44] Lisa Fossett Though doing the Destination guide is a bit better than what was there a month or so ago
[13:44] Knowl Paine Use of Land would help New Residents, free temporary land where new Residents could build, edit terrain ect. for a limited time.
[13:44] Dresden Ceriano my experince was there wasn't must content where I landed last time I started a new account... seems like they want to get you out of there as quickly as possible
[13:44] Marianne McCann Lisa - which is difficult, as many don't know what they want by then - and there is little there to help them make such a decision
[13:44] Lisa Fossett yes
[13:44] DogWomble Dollinger well, what sort of information do you think would be useful in that regard?
[13:44] Jeremy Linden Knowl, do you mean something like a practice area? A sandbox specifically for learning SL?
[13:45] Lisa Fossett I'm not sure where the info should's a combo of info and PR/marketing...I think resis would benefit from learning what's available in SL
[13:45] Knowl Paine yes
[13:45] Dresden Ceriano didn't there used to be something like that?
[13:45] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler) A lot of new users don't know how to get the high score.
[13:45] Knowl Paine they New Resident would go through a mock purchase process
[13:45] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) You should send them some emails
[13:45] Lisa Fossett Something more than the "Be a vampire, etc." glossy promo
[13:45] Knowl Paine to better understand how to buy land
[13:45] Peewee Musytari I think combining learning with keeping new residents busy with something to do and meeting people all combined in one place that is fun, would be a good way to learn....I suggested something similar to the way Octoberville is done would be cool...can`t recall where I suggested that, I think I PM`d amanda lol
[13:45] Marianne McCann Dog - I think it comes to the age-old question. "What is SL." And well, it is everything. So... I dunno. Focusing on what one can do here in very simple forms? Then again, that brings us back to the "actio words" main page of two years ago
[13:46] Attica Bekkers i dohave anidea to help new people and old
[13:46] Attica Bekkers could we please have auto follow in browsers with option for friends only, anyone, discontinue the follow etc? to help us shop and explore and walk and talk. Scripted solutions dont work in no rez/script places and are not too effective
[13:46] Attica Bekkers itwoudlbe ooh helpfulwith ne wpeople some of whom can onlytp from to place
[13:46] Attica Bekkers they ddint figur eout how to walk yet
[13:46] Marianne McCann If I'm a noob (as I once was), I want to know what it is I can do here. What are the possibilities of the world.
[13:46] Attica Bekkers whichis ok unles sthey only speak portouguese :) this happened recently
[13:47] Knowl Paine A better Inworld map my frame rate drops almost 30 frames per second
[13:47] Knowl Paine just a map, drop all the events and other map attachments
[13:47] Youri Ashton we all are noob in some form, you always are 'new' to something
[13:47] Marianne McCann "I now know how to walk and sit and fly.... what do I use this knowedge for? Where is there to walk to?"
[13:47] Attica Bekkers itell people it is chat systemw ith islands not rooms,a nd we really pull up chairs, and that is liek the sims we can d ecorate home and ourselves, tht works
[13:48] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) New basic mode gives some hints on where to fly to with the detinations
[13:48] Peewee Musytari lots of people say the destination guide in basic is blank...not sure what thats about
[13:48] Lexie (lexie.linden) Marianne, what I hear you saying is that the "why" is just as important as the "How To". Correct?
[13:49] Knowl Paine A Jobs program run in partnership with the gateway locations
[13:49] Darrius Gothly What about a mini-Hunt ... 5-10 "goals" that new users walk to and get Notecards or Gifts that help them learn.
[13:49] Marianne McCann Right, Lexie. IMO, it's pretty key
[13:49] DogWomble Dollinger peewee that is strange, i checked that out myself only last night and it seemed to work fine
[13:49] Lexie (lexie.linden) agreed
[13:49] Youri Ashton time for me to go, thanks lindens and bye bye all
[13:49] Knowl Paine small Jobs to help new Residents learn how to make money
[13:49] DogWomble Dollinger might be interestign to try and find out a little more info on that
[13:49] Ashiri Sands blank destination guide... would that be the webkit plugin again?
[13:49] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Indeed Darrius, take them to Linden Village
[13:49] Dresden Ceriano i haven't used the basic mode viewer but it seems it would make more sense to build into it a way to unlock features as certain exercises are learned performed
[13:49] Marianne McCann It also helps answer the "what do I do here" and "I'm boreddddddd" comments at infohubs of today
[13:50] Amanda Linden fyi--we have a newcomer area in teh destination guide...
[13:50] Amanda Linden
[13:50] Amanda Linden probably needs work tho.
[13:50] Marianne McCann Dresden - I like that
[13:50] bob Iwashi manda - stick that in boardroom infohub
[13:50] Lisa Fossett last I looked it did, Amanda
[13:50] Dresden Ceriano like a tutorial mode
[13:50] Amanda Linden intresting.
[13:50] DogWomble Dollinger that's a good point actually
[13:50] Amanda Linden basic viewer is very tutorial like.
[13:50] DogWomble Dollinger turn basic mode into tutorial mode
[13:51] Amanda Linden trying to bake the tutorial stuff right into the experience
[13:51] Marianne McCann I sense "gamification" to it, too. "Achieve unlocked: Flight"
[13:51] Amanda Linden the viewer experience.
[13:51] Ashiri Sands Being able to unlock features from Basc to Advanced would be very useful
[13:51] Dresden Ceriano but do things like inventory and voice get unlocked?
[13:51] Darrius Gothly Seconds Dog's idea ... Basic should be Demo/Tutorial Mode
[13:51] DogWomble Dollinger even call it 'tutorial mode', so people know it's not designed to be a perfect environment for anything but learning
[13:51] Amanda Linden we're working on improvements to basic mode.
[13:51] Knowl Paine A radical change could be Joining SL with a task specific viewer, some Residents join knowing what they want to do
[13:51] Amanda Linden can't give specifics yet...but keep this convo going.
[13:51] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) They should Dresden, worst thing about the modes is having to close down the viewer
[13:51] Amanda Linden yeah, true true lord
[13:51] Lisa Fossett Or call it "intro mode"
[13:52] Marianne McCann Ya, that's a sharp idea
[13:52] Darrius Gothly I LURVE that idea of changing the name from "Basic Mode" to "Tutorial" or "Intro Mode"
[13:52] Amanda Linden interesting idea....
[13:52] Dresden Ceriano i do too
[13:52] Amanda Linden i'll def pass that along
[13:52] Lexie (lexie.linden) Intro mode is a good idea
[13:52] Knowl Paine agreed, sounds better
[13:52] Darrius Gothly Okay .. we voted that one in. You Lindens don't get a vote. LOL
[13:52] Lisa Fossett (tutorial having a negative reaction by some, I think)
[13:52] Attica Bekkers that mode seems tobecausing trouble with students coming to sl for class
[13:52] DogWomble Dollinger *giggles* darius
[13:53] Peewee Musytari so long as you didn`t have to pass certain tasks to move you mentioned voice, some people may not be able to use voice so you wouldn`t want them stuck at that part of the tutorial
[13:53] Attica Bekkers theyare told to do stuf fby old people and cant, like buy things for zero
[13:53] Ashiri Sands Basic mode is certainly keeping Helpers busy
[13:53] Lisa Fossett nods
[13:53] Amanda Linden what's the main thing that they are helping with?
[13:53] Dresden Ceriano true peewee
[13:53] Lisa Fossett Telling them how to go to advanced.
[13:53] Lisa Fossett laughs
[13:53] Amanda Linden lol
[13:53] Darrius Gothly "Log out, Log back in, Select Advance Mode"
[13:53] Ashiri Sands how to do things like buy freebies
[13:54] Ashiri Sands or change appearance
[13:54] Peewee Musytari they don`t like not having an inventory
[13:54] Marianne McCann Ya. That is what I'm hearing too. A lot of telling noobs "relog in advanced"
[13:54] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Not quite Darrius, close down, start viewer, change mode, close viewer, start viewer
[13:54] Attica Bekkers yes as a randomsandbox user everyoneleatelyis there for class and wants to buyfreebies and cant
[13:54] Lisa Fossett Well, when they want to change their appearance or you want to give them LM or NC, you're stuck
[13:54] Attica Bekkers andthey get mad
[13:55] Peewee Musytari yeah first thing I did in sl was change appearance and they can`t do that
[13:55] DogWomble Dollinger i'll admit i'm glad i haven't had to deal with someone in basic mode yet
[13:55] Argus Collingwood moore frustrated than mad
[13:55] Dresden Ceriano there really should be level they work through themselves to get it advanced mode
[13:55] Knowl Paine the results of a New Residents system requirements the capaacity of that Residents PC should effect that Residents starting location
[13:55] Dresden Ceriano levels*
[13:55] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Basic mode has some pretty damn nifty features with destinations and avatars
[13:55] Marianne McCann Ya, Ciaran - a lot of it I like
[13:55] Lisa Fossett nods, Ciaran
[13:55] DogWomble Dollinger yeah, i like what they've done with the destination guide - it'
[13:55] Marianne McCann It's the right idea.
[13:55] Amanda Linden yeah, i love that too.
[13:55] Knowl Paine Residents with lower performance could start in a Region with less content
[13:55] DogWomble Dollinger it's actually something i like about basic mode
[13:56] Amanda Linden that solves the question of what is there to do....
[13:56] Amanda Linden we have a lot more planned for basic mode and destinations...etc.
[13:56] Lisa Fossett As I recall, Basic doesn't allow editing preferences, either, right?
[13:56] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) That destination bar would be useful for plenty of folk
[13:56] Amanda Linden right, no top nav
[13:56] DogWomble Dollinger lisa there's no menus
[13:56] Argus Collingwood get then involved in events like the BunnyJam and they tick around
[13:56] Peewee Musytari there is no Me menu
[13:56] stefen2 Stipe hello there
[13:56] Darrius Gothly Low capability PCs .. start in Prim Build only regions. Nothing with complex Sculpties or Megas.
[13:56] Argus Collingwood stick*
[13:56] Amanda Linden super great session.
[13:56] Lisa Fossett So, someone having graphics/lag/that sort of issue, you can't explain or fix for them
[13:56] Amanda Linden throw in your last ideas....
[13:57] Amanda Linden ok, almost at the end of our time.
[13:57] Knowl Paine Did the winner of the Egg contest get announced?
[13:57] oobscure (opensource.obscure) i remember as a new user i collected lots of notecards. but then i never read most of them! i wonder if ..part of the 'content' we give to new users should move away from notecards. *underlines 'part of'*
[13:57] stefen2 Stipe ops this is a conf ?
[13:57] Amanda Linden yep knowl.
[13:57] Peewee Musytari who won?
[13:57] Attica Bekkers my very brief destination guide personwas floods of people who could not sit and didnt speak french spanish or english
[13:57] Knowl Paine I saw the 12 finalist
[13:57] Jeremy Linden stefen2, welcome!
[13:57] Marianne McCann This doesn't yet answet he rull story of "where to go after orientation, or getting stuck in the hubs which is its own kettle of fish....
[13:57] Marianne McCann full*
[13:57] Nemesis Ezarael hell everybody
[13:57] DogWomble Dollinger oobscure - i'd love to second that, but at the moment i can't think of anything that i could move stuff to
[13:57] Nemesis Ezarael Hölle jedermann
[13:57] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) oobscure well basic mode is no use for notecards really, so it does need a different approach
[13:57] Amanda Linden egg winner
[13:57] Knowl Paine where did the winner get announced?
[13:57] Amanda Linden
[13:57] Jeremy Linden You've stumbled into the Community Tools user group. It's open, so feel free to stay.
[13:57] Knowl Paine ty
[13:57] stefen2 Stipe thanks jeremy
[13:57] Argus Collingwood the tissue egg with yellow top
[13:58] Knowl Paine thank you
[13:58] stefen2 Stipe this conf is about ?
[13:58] Amanda Linden oh, we're just wrapping up.
[13:58] Attica Bekkers please reconside rlogin screen messages? so the whole population knows, and linden eevnts stop being secrets fo rthe elite?
[13:58] Amanda Linden communiity tools user group
[13:58] Lexie (lexie.linden) Lots of great input here today
[13:58] Darrius Gothly This conf is about ... done.
[13:58] Argus Collingwood I see the MoTD
[13:58] Amanda Linden good idea re: login screen. :)
[13:58] Knowl Paine yes
[13:58] Jeremy Linden We're discussing "community tools", such as the blogs, forums, knowledge base, and new Resident engagement. We're here every week from 1pm to 2pm PST
[13:58] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) Argus Attica is talking about back when the latest blog posts were on the login screen
[13:59] Argus Collingwood oooo
[13:59] Knowl Paine many of my friends did not know there was an Egg contest
[13:59] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler) Stefen2, if you don't know what this meeting is about, it's for you. Essentially, New User Documentation
[13:59] stefen2 Stipe oh ok :)
[13:59] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) They used to have links to the last three or four
[13:59] Attica Bekkers itgto discontinued cos the ba dposts about breakdowns etc were seen by all too
[13:59] Darrius Gothly I do have one request ... this meeting area causes a LOT of viewer lag. Any change it can get visually / render cleaned up some?
[13:59] Amanda Linden well, thanks all.....
[13:59] Amanda Linden incredible ideas. thanks so much for joining and partiicpating.
[13:59] Attica Bekkers butheycan easy filte rit, tutes, events, good news
[13:59] Amanda Linden so many good nuggets.
[13:59] Amanda Linden i'm going to summarize our ideas re: new users.
[13:59] Knowl Paine or meet at Linden Memorial park
[13:59] Lisa Fossett Try turning down your draw distnace, Darrius
[13:59] Knowl Paine in an empty field
[13:59] Darrius Gothly <-- 32m
[14:00] Knowl Paine I'm fine performance is good
[14:00] Lisa Fossett sigh
[14:00] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) and get a radio stream
[14:00] Knowl Paine 4 me
[14:00] Amanda Linden i'm cooking up a marketing program for new users--so this has been invaluable.
[14:00] oobscure (opensource.obscure) aren't avatars the most heaviest on rendering here?
[14:00] Lexie (lexie.linden) Thanks for the great meeting
[14:00] Lisa Fossett Though with so many avs, it's going to lag for you...
[14:00] Argus Collingwood ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥
[14:00] oobscure (opensource.obscure) thank you - and take care everybody
[14:00] Attica Bekkers afte rpeole press to login, theyhave their destination in mind, theyarent interested in teh news anymore so much
[14:00] Ashiri Sands Furries are bad for viewer lag =^_~=
[14:00] Attica Bekkers if theyget time to read it
[14:00] Lisa Fossett (figured you knew that already)
[14:00] Marianne McCann Market on what we can achieve, do, and see. This place is, after all, amazing
[14:00] Marianne McCann /me grins
[14:00] Lord of Dee (ciaran.laval) cheers guys
[14:00] Attica Bekkers thanks all
[14:00] Kennylex Luckless *no*
[14:00] Lisa Fossett Agree, MM
[14:00] Rand (rand.linden) Thanks! Bye...
[14:00] Lexie (lexie.linden) Bye for now!
[14:00] Amanda Linden any suggestions for topics next week???
[14:00] Marianne McCann Bye Bye!!
[14:00] Amanda Linden lemme know.
[14:00] Knowl Paine Bye
[14:00] Argus Collingwood "Goodbye!!"
[14:01] Peewee Musytari thanks all :)
[14:01] Qie (qie.niangao) thanks all... have fun!
[14:01] stefen2 Stipe bye bye
[14:01] Torben (torben.trautman) bye all
[14:01] Darrius Gothly Start the Agenda Amanda .. we'll post them there as we think of them.
[14:01] Attica Bekkers decorate dress chat fly lol
[14:01] Lisa Fossett I'm going to email you with a couple, would rather pass them to you first :)
[14:01] Nemesis Ezarael Bye bye
[14:01] Adamburp Adamczyk oh bugger - not the "silly hats contest" here then>?
[14:01] Kennylex Luckless see ya.
[14:01] Eddi Decosta well see you later :)
[14:01] Marianne McCann "silly Hats Only"
[14:01] Marianne McCann stop
[14:01] Adamburp Adamczyk randy linden me auld mucker! how the devil are ya?
[14:01] Amanda Linden great--thanks darrius/lisa
[14:01] Eddi Decosta hugs, Amanda ** :)
[14:01] Jeremy Linden I gotta get my silly hat, then!
[14:02] Second Life Items successfully shared.
[14:02] Lisa Fossett why am I seeing so many people half ruthed today?
[14:02] Eddi Decosta /me poke Jeremy again
[14:02] Marianne McCann Bye Bye!!
[14:02] Eddi Decosta risk of work! lol :p
[14:02] Jeremy Linden Get to the Joppa!
[14:02] Kennylex Luckless Who want silly hat?
[14:02] Attica Bekkers they ddi something bad to the graphics a week andhalf back
[14:02] Attica Bekkers maybejust bit before
[14:02] Attica Bekkers ona tuesday rollout
[14:02] Adamburp Adamczyk hey, joppa ruled
[14:02] Attica Bekkers i dunno what
[14:02] stefen2 Stipe do you do sculpties jeremy ?
[14:02] Jeremy Linden Yeah he did. I made that gesture for him :-)
[14:02] Amanda Linden bye all--gonna scoot and have l unch (finally)
[14:02] Adamburp Adamczyk toel me one time jeremy went to work as a tranny
[14:02] Amanda Linden ttyl
[14:02] Peewee Musytari good meeting...ciao till nest week :)
[14:03] Amanda Linden and remember--wiki updates/etc. to me in email. :)