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STATUS: draft


001 Implemented in Dahlia's multirelay and the RLV remote control anythingRLV

001 Implemented in Satomi's multirelay and Witchy Remote

!x-channel/xxxx: changes the communication beween relay and controlling device to channel xxxx instead of RLVR, assuming xxxx is a high negative integer.

Motivation: the relay and the device thus stop spamming the RLVR channel with messages that only concerns those two objects.


(session on channel RLVR between R and C)
-RLVR> blah,k(R),!x-channel/-12345
<RLVR- blah,k(C),!x-channel/-12345,ok
(session continues on channel -12345)

Neither R and C are required to listen on channel RLVR after this. It is even recommended that R and C close every useless listener.

Both R and C are required to listen to each other on channel -12345 after this dialog.

C should only propose high negative channels (<1000). The relay is not required to accept any other channel than high negative ones. If the proposed channel is wrong, the relay can "ko" the message.

Recommendation: this command should preferably be used after the session is locked, as the relay is not required to retain any data concerning a non-locking device.

Good practice scenario:

(session on channel RLVR between R and C)
-RLVR> blah,k(R),@randomlockingcommand=n|!x-channel/-12345
<RLVR- blah,k(C),@randomlockingcommand=n,ok
<RLVR- blah,k(C),!x-channel/-12345,ok
(session continues on channel -12345)

It is not recommended to place other commands after the !x-listen, as it is not clear on which channel they should be acknowledged (depending on whether or not the relay ok's the !x-listen, and even when ok'd it is might make relay implementation harder in some cases if the acknowledgement channel changes within a batch of commands).

Probably to be deprecated

See llRegionSayTo.

--Satomi Ahn 06:18, 7 May 2011 (PDT)