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Function: list llGetAttachedList( key avatar );

Returns a list of object keys corresponding to public attachments worn by an avatar.

• key avatar avatar UUID that is in the same region

By design HUD attachment keys are not reported by this function.

If avatar is a child agent, ["NOT ON REGION"] is returned.
If avatar is not a main agent and not a child agent or not an agent at all, ["NOT FOUND"] is returned.


When an avatar first arrives in a region, there is a brief period when their attachments are not yet fully rezzed or added. During this time, those attachments will not appear in the results.

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// Touch to list all attachments

    touch_start(integer total_number)
        list AttachedNames;
        list AttachedUUIDs = llGetAttachedList(llDetectedKey(0));
        integer i;
        while (i < llGetListLength(AttachedUUIDs) )
            list temp = llGetObjectDetails(llList2Key(AttachedUUIDs,i),[OBJECT_NAME]);
            AttachedNames += [llList2String(temp,0)];
        llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL,"\n" + llDumpList2String(AttachedNames,"\n"));

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• 20/Dec/08 SVC-3560 llQueryAvatarAttachments Suggested
• 30/Apr/13 BUG-2467 llGetAttachedList Suggested
• 14/Jul/15 BUG-9683 llGetAttachedList Suggested again

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function list llGetAttachedList( key avatar );