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Function: integer llGetParcelMaxPrims( vector pos, integer sim_wide );

Returns an integer that is the maximum combined land impact allowed for objects on the parcel at pos.

• vector pos position in region coordinates (z component is ignored)
• integer sim_wide TRUE treats all parcels owned by this parcel owner in the sim in a single maximum, FALSE determines the max for the specified parcel


If sim_wide is...

  • FALSE then the return is the maximum land impact supported by the parcel.
  • not FALSE then the return is the total land impact supported by all land in the region owned by the parcel owner.


  • If there is an Object Bonus for the region, the value returned may be more than the region's total limit.
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    touch_start(integer total_number)
        llSay(0, "The total land impact of objects rezzed on this parcel is "
             +(string)llGetParcelPrimCount(llGetPos(), PARCEL_COUNT_TOTAL, FALSE) +", of "
             +(string)llGetParcelMaxPrims(llGetPos(), FALSE) + " allowed.");

See Also


•  llGetParcelPrimCount

Deep Notes

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function integer llGetParcelMaxPrims( vector pos, integer sim_wide );