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Function: vector llGetRootPosition( );

Returns a vector that is the region position of the root object of the object script is attached to


  touch_start( integer vIntTouched ){
    string vStrMessage = "The prim with this script is ";
    if (llGetPos() != llGetRootPosition()){
      vStrMessage += "NOT ";
    llSay( PUBLIC_CHANNEL, vStrMessage + "centered on the root prim." );

Useful Snippets

//-- there is no llSetLocalPos, this adds the functionality
//-- to match llGetLocalPos() in a child prim
fSetLocalPos( vector vPosOffset ){
  llSetPos( llGetRootPosition() + vPosOffset );
//-- this will move a root prim by the offset, or set the
//-- position of a child prim relative to the root.

See Also


•  llGetLocalPos Gets the child prims position relative to the root
•  llGetPos Gets the prims global position
•  llSetPos Sets the prims global position

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


function vector llGetRootPosition();