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Function: llSetPos( vector pos );

Moves the object or primitive towards pos without using physics.

• vector pos position in region or local coordinates depending upon the situation (see #Specification).

Movement is capped to 10m per call for unattached root prims.[1]


This function is available for nonphysical root prims and all child prims. It has no effect on the root prim if the object is physical.

Coordinate Frame


  • This function causes the script to sleep for 0.2 seconds.
  • Because of the intermixing of local and regional coordinates with this function, when a prims position is wanted it is best to use llGetLocalPos.
  • This function does not work in the root prim of physical objects. Use a physical function like llMoveToTarget instead.
  • If you have explicitally set your object as "static obstacle" for pathfinding , the function will fail with the error in the debug channel:
    • "Unable to set prim position or scale: object contributes to the navmesh."

Important Issues

~ All Issues ~ Search JIRA for related Bugs
   llSetPos() doesn't change position for small vectors when called in attachments on Havok4 unless interacted with


KBcaution.png Important: This function has a movement cap of 10m and a time delay of 0.2 seconds per call. Please consider using llSetRegionPos and/or llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast instead.
//Move the object up 1m when someone touches it.
default {
     touch_start(integer i) {
          llSetPos(llGetPos() + <0,0,1>);
// to bypass the small movement bug use this
// - created by Madpeter Zond
// notes: it does not check if the movement would go out of limit range for linked prims
llSetLocalPos(vector offset)
    vector save = offset;
    if(offset.x < 0.0) offset.x -= 1;
    else offset.x += 1;
    if(offset.y < 0.0) offset.y -= 1;
    else offset.y += 1;
    if(offset.z < 0.0) offset.z -= 1;
    else offset.z += 1;


Multiple movement commands can be chained together with llSetPrimitiveParams and PRIM_POSITION. The advantage of doing this is that the script only sleeps once per function call instead of once per movement.

See Also


•  llSetRegionPos Sets position of object to any position within the region.
•  llGetLocalPos Returns the prim's local position if it is attached or non-root (otherwise it returns the global position)
•  llGetRootPosition Gets the root prims position
•  llGetPos Returns the prim's global position, even if it is attached or non-root

Deep Notes

All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   llSetPos() doesn't change position for small vectors when called in attachments on Havok4 unless interacted with


  1. ^ Unless you exploit the undocumented warpPos bug.


function void llSetPos( vector pos );